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Greetings Map Makers!

Discussion in 'Map Creation' started by Nutter, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Nutter

    Nutter Frost Weaver Founder

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    Welcome to the Map Creation sub-forum for all Map Design and Workshop related threads.

    This is where you come to post your map ideas and designs, as well as published maps you'd like feedback on. If they're good enough you might even find them showcased!

    Feel free to make your own threads to show off your creations (although I think it would be best if we all stuck to 1 master thread (with the Compilation tag) each and updated that rather than creating a new thread per map) but we'll see how it goes.

    Looking forward to seeing your maps underlords!

    Useful Links

    Map Editor Tutorial Video - Mendechaus takes you through the basics of map making.
    Steam Workshop Discussions - The Steam forums that serve a similar purpose to this sub-forum
    Map Editor Tips Video - A few of Mendechaus's other helpful tips and advice for budding map makers.
    Beetlejuice's Browser Map Editor - An online map editor which lets you design/plan out maps before you build them using the in-game editor.
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