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Having hard time liking game. Not enough control of creatures


WFTO Backer
Jan 28, 2013
Hi. So I was a kickstarter for this game. But to be honest I have not played it a whole lot. I don't know if I am not playing right or just oftentimes the game just gets our of control. So firstly, I am talking about skirmish games. And what I mean by out of control is my creatures are attacking or get attacked in a bunch of places at once. I have enemy imps taking my tiles in a bunch of places at once. I find mid-to-late game that I feel like I have lost control. Yes, I know I can use rally flags and warbands. Those are good when I want to gain temporary control to focus an attack. But even warbands aren't very good because you usually need all your mobs to win. And when rallied, they quickly get annoyed if I use them for some kind of defense. How about traps? Well yeah if I ever have the gold and time to put them up in the fifty places where I need them. And they are still pretty weak anyway.

I really wanted to like this game. And maybe I am not doing a very good job trying to explain why I usually don't.
Aug 18, 2015
Skirmish, Main Campaign and Crucible is faste paced action.
My Pet Dungeon, Heart of Gold DLC and Scenario maps are slow paced action.

I recommand try out the slow paced aspects of the game, to explore the game and get a better feeling of things
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