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Heart of Gold feedback

May 17, 2013
Haven't posted here for a long time :D

The game requested a feedback but the link died when I try to press it so, sorry if this is in the wrong section. Finished a let's play of it and I would recommend it to anybody who likes WftO, also fair warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

DLC biggest problem ? Its too short :p Sorry, now im more hungry.

Mission 1: Was fun, Mandarf been a reference to Gandalf :D I think I died out laughting. The mission itself if rushed can be done in less then 5 min. Lot's of secrets around the map love how it looks like. Mendichaus explaining once again the rooms and stuff in case somebody forgot how to.Tho the lack of beast den was a bit annoying but reasonable. Tho if somebody is doing the achievement for the sentinel then its best for him to not use them at all. Did the achievement with killing Mandarf a few times. I rly like how his deaths affected the atacking forces of the Empire I also liked that cool event You did when the player deals with all the Hero gates. Please more! ( add an option to flood a dungeon with lava ? :> )

I liked how Mission 2 ended. That if You are doing the achievement You could do it in two ways. Was fun to go silent around avoiding the empire forces. I also liked the crackpot secret! THo I was sad I could not convert him :( There was a bug after loading the Patrols disabled from groups and ran fast to the exit gate.
Tho finding a way to deal with the Rhoadblock achievement was way too easy. Mission was interesting and unique You should do more of them in the future! Oh and the big pig secret ? :D Whats with that ? :p And also put him in the future aswell!!! Please! :D A pig throwing fireballs was one of the most funny Things I saw! :D

Mission 3 I think I was siting astounded for like 2 min when I found out that the Empire MINES the gold. Very cool idea! Tho the empire didn't get any buff from the gold. I was expecting they will do something if I get too much gold or they. Throwing the gold in to the forge was a bit annoying. So I had to focus on the golden statues and gold artefacts. The Lord of this land was saying all the time to attack me but nothing happened. I was waiting for some cool attack from the empire side but it just didn't happen. Also I don't get why the empire outposts where not connected to each other. it would make more sence if after attacking one, the other would send backup or something - or attacking gold convoys that would be cool. Tho I liked the mission. It was a more standard one but still very good.

Mission 4 Well this was a ride. Lot's of stuf going around. Lot's of cool events, If You do the Guntlet achivment its a wild ride. Love the Dukes Keep imo it was WAYYY cooler then the last mission in the vanilla campaign! very unique! I loved the stone knight army that was walking around, lagged the shit out of my PC! The counter attack the empire did was very surprising. I had to redo my dungeon in the middle of the game to make better defences! normally You build something and its just stays there for the entire mission! Also it was a very cool thing that passing previous missions with killing or not killing the lords was affecting the last mission! Please more of that. ANd if You dont destroy the gates and kill all of the family members the mission gets HARD! Tho due to bug failed to get the achievement during recording so it was a bit bad :(

It was very funny when Mendichaus said in the homerealm something to Kashita about Oberon that he should not say :D

In shorts: DLC worth money ( Well I got it for free as I had the game before release but if I would buy it I would say it was worth it! ). Also is it just me or we will meet Kashita in future DLC ? :p Since Mendichaus ordered her to guard the Heart of gold. Was it standing in his goal of drowning the world in chaos and darkness ? :p

My only problem with Heart of gold ?

- Short
- Last mission is buggy, lost even the color from gold to green.
- Home realm looks EXACTLY the same as Oberons, Sorry but we need more tools and bigger map for home realm please.
- Kira didn't had an appearance
Likes: LungDrakkar
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