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[Hero] Angel

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Nov 14, 2011
Note: Not the same suggestion as the one on the old forum. That is now the Illumer. This is meant to be more of a high tier warrior/flanker unit.
Name Angel


Health: Above Average
Attack: High
Armour: Above Average
Accuracy: Average
Agility: High
Speed: Above Average
Luck: High
Recovery Rate: Average
Intelligence: High
Construction: Low
Training Rate: Below Average
Training Cost: Above Average
Wage: High
Gender: Male

Level 1: Melee
Level 3: Holy Charge*
Level 5: Smite**
Level 7: Word of Power/Holy Word
Level 10: Seraphic Assault***

* The Angel folds his wings and charges three tiles. Any creatures on or next to the tiles charged through are knocked back two squares taking minor damage, wit a 10% chance to stun for 3 seconds
Cooldown: 20 seconds
** The Angel attacks in a 180 degree angle (the three squares in front of him) Any creatures on theses squares will be knocked through the air for 3 squares, taking low damage.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
*** The Angel throws his sword at an enemy, impaling it and doing high damage. The Angel then rushes toward the impaled creature to retrieve the sword. Once there, he will swing his wings in a full circle, knocking back all enemies within a 3 square radius. During this sequence, he cannot be disrupted, and will continue with the sequence even while taking damage.
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Information: Called from the heavens to aid in the purging of the Underworld, they are zealous and fearless, and are more than capable in dealing with all manners of evil. They are humanoid looking creatures with large wings, and tend to wear Gold and Ivory armor with swords pulsing with light. All male Angels are sent to earth to aid in the battle against the darkness, while females stay in the White City, giving visions to mortals to maintain peace in the more mundane ways.

Behavior in Dungeon: Tends to stay in temples and libraries. Also enjoys training

Battle Style: Flanker


Obtainable By: Hero, Conversion

Hates: Basically every Keeper creature.

Loves: Praying, Holy People, Libraries

Anger reaction: Just leaves.

Lair: A small circle of incense the Angel will pray in.

Kind of generic, I know. But if any artists out there could draw a cool picture, I woul love it.

How Introduced: Late game. I suppose it could even act as a general.

Attracted by:Large Temples (5x5), Large Library (5x5) Large Training Room (5x5)
Not open for further replies.
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