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Jan 22, 2012
Preface sturdy exlorer of underworld that is one with earth. Inspired by FFV/DoD/Drakensang

Appearance image: Strange but i can't find any good one O_O"

Health: lower-mid
Armor: Low
Movement Speed: Slow->Fast
Attack strength: Mid
Attack speed: Low
Intelligence: Lower High
Construction: Low [it is dwarf preferably but he takes more time researching wildrness than forges]
Training Rate: higher low
Training Cost: Medium
Wage: Mediumish not sure
Gender: Well it would be fun to have a female dwarf make appearance :p

Meele - hits with his walking staff
Claw of the earth : spike is created from floor, flying creatures takes reduced dmg, creates obstacle for a bit
Wrath of the earth: Large raduis earthquake that makes enemies standing on the floor collapse
Tears of the earth: Brings flying enemies down to earth (Water is "crying" from ceiling(fix this word for me >_<)

I know my path: increases movement speed on unclaimed terrain and do not trigger any traps that require stepping on them. However this not gives him any knowledge about their placement.

Stonesense: Geologist can detect any walking enemy in a large radius (basically he can feel that someone walks in fog of war or is trying to sneak inside dungeon)

Resist: Poison, blunt
Weakness: Wind(correct me if this is avaible type)/Lightning

Information: A bit toughter spellcaster that focuses more on controlling enemy other than dealing damage

Appearance: Dwarf with walking staff. He wears more green/brown cape, he does not wear boots to have better feel of the earth (!)

Behavior in Dungeon: He travels around dungeon. If he can't he does some research in library or pray at TAVERN i mean temple ;)

Battle Style: Support

Loves: Being alone, beer,

Hates: (Are there certain things your Unit despise? Enemies / rivalries can also be included)

Anger reaction:
1)Drinks as much beer in taver as possible
2)Prevent imps from digging
3)Destroy rooms (let's restore this to it's original state :p )

Lair: Sleeping bag with campfire/some plants near it

Obtainable By: Hero

How Introduced: Keeper does come extreme terraforming
Torture: [OPTIONAL]
1) Waste beer in front of his face
2)Wash his feet

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] Look master, those pesky Geologists oppose you saying that this land can not be terraformed. Let's prove them wrong .... ;)
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