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(hero) nature harmonizer

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May 4, 2012
Name nature harmonizer ( need a better name i think :p )

Preface thinking about a sor of mage with a bird pet

Appearance image: and elderly man waering scruffy robes and a raven perched on his shoulder. could have some sort vines protruding from his robes to add more difference from the mage style toon


Health: average to low
Armor: none or very low
Movement Speed: average
Attack strength: low
Attack speed: average
Intelligence: v.high
line of sight: v.high
Construction: v.low
Training Rate: average
Training Cost: average
Wage: low
Gender: male

raven claws: pet raven claws and scratches at recipients face. low damage, it slows / inturupts spells of the recipient. average cooldown. v.long range

vines: vines shoot out of the walls/ ground and trip restrain in a small aoe around the recipient low damage but slow toons from both side down. long range

Birds eye view: raven flies of and down the dungeon tunnel for 10 seconds reveiling fog of war. also has a chance of finding any traps that may be hidden along the way.

thorned vines: thorned vines shot out from walls/ ground and try to strangle and kill all non-freindly units in a small aoe arround the recipient. medium to large damage.

Weaknesses/Resistances: week to fire and physicall dammage

Information: a weeker more specilised mage for a defensive support role

Appearance: An old man with with lage grey or brown/ black beard. waering scruffy looking robes (no hat) with some vines as decoration and protuding around his robes. Has a pet raven pershed on his shoulder.

Behavior in Dungeon: spends at lot of time sleeping and in quieter areas of the dungeon. doesent eat from normall food source he grows his on vegitarian food with his spells.

Battle Style: defensive support

Jobs: does none willinglay but will train and research

Loves: to be alone, wild life / anything animally, water

Hates: lava, hatchery room variation, crowded areas and fighting

Anger reaction: releases all livestock/ chikens in your hatchers room variation

Lair: large curved tree he relaxes on. has a birds nest for his raven at the top

Obtainable By: hero unit must be captured

Attracted by: n/a

How Introduced: a few levels in as a standars new hero unit

Entrance Effect: n/a

Torture: he is strapped into a seat with his eyes help open by some device and made to watch animalls being eaten killed

Advisor Quotes: "be carefull lord... you have to contend with hippy mages as well now"

thanks for your time reading and feel free to discuss and provide feedback as long as there no flaming. thanks.


Jan 11, 2012
I think a better name would be Druid. That's essentially what you're suggesting: A druid.

I think the basic idea is good. The abilities are, actually, fairly solid. You might want to add a basic attack to his list of abilities, unless that's the raven attacking enemies. If so, I'd be sure to state that "this is his basic attack."

Your mage doesn't really sound like a defensive mage. I think it would be more accurate to say that he's a debuffer.

I'd have someone help you by providing a spellcheck, amongst other things, but you could actually take this idea and turn it into something good. It definitely needs proofreading, but I wouldn't have thought of using a Raven pet in that fashion. It makes good sense for a druidic character.
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