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[HERO] ORACLE - high tier

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Ben Chandler

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Jan 23, 2013
[HERO] Oracle
Highlight – Very High Maintenance but potentially battle changing (however frail) demi-goddess
Type– Intelligent
Role – Buffer Support
Acquired by– (Hero) Sanctuary/Temple etc
Basic attack– None (perhaps see ability 1 Ancient Breath)
Offensive power – Low
Defensive power – Low
Health points – Low
Resistances – Resistant to holy/light.
Movement – Moderate
Work – Prayer Research
Entertainment– Sleep!!! (sleeping beauty theme), also enjoys if worshipping in temple with other creatures
Special Needs– Extreme care when handling. Not to be overworked.
Upgrades – None
(T1) Prophecy: Creature has a greater view (less fog of war around it) this ability increases in strength through higher levels.
(T2) Fragile beauty: The oracle is so beautiful that creatures respond to her in many different ways. Low level intelligent or chivalrous creatures are unable to strike her: Some higher level intelligent creatures cannot bring themselves to attack her with their full force (affect is as though she has high armour/resistance to their attacks.): Other pure evil, or beastly creatures truly relish in the spilling of her blood!!!! (She will attract hostility from them... not very helpful due to her vulnerability.)
Also when she dies, allies (perhaps even enemies who loved her) will mourn, lowering morale and happiness!
(T3) Shimmer: Sorry to go on, but they really are beautiful; their very skin seems to emit a divine light, causing light sensitive creatures to receive low damage when she’s in their view. This light also boosts the morale and slowly heals allies when not in combat.
(T4) Foresight:Can see hidden traps.

(A1) Ancient breath: Despite their beauty, these women are far older than they look. Although not unpleasant the air they exhale deeply is icy as the river Styx! (Causes conical cold damage)
(A2) Piercing vision: Moderately powerful attack dealt through the Oracle glaring into the victim’s soul (holy/light). This also reveals a small portion of enemy dungeon – similar to enemy torture info... CANNOT affect beasts.
(A3) Incarnate: The Oracle goes into a trance mode in which she’s very vulnerable and immobile. Whilst in this mode she functionally possesses another being (ideally enemy, otherwise not very useful... perhaps she gets a kick off controlling juggernauts :p) Will not affect too high level creatures as too overpowered.
The Oracle is a channel to some of the most powerful gods; particularly the Sun god, giving her the power of foresight. She is chosen by the gods as a vessel for her divine beauty, a suitable vessel for any spirit who favours the purer things in life.
Although very weak and frail, her powers over other beings lead her to become a massive asset to any army; those who are against her may lose courage or any will to fight and those on her side are spurred by her charisma.
They are, however, very hard to maintain as apparently being the vessel of a powerful god comes with superiority issues! :p

Appearance: Ethereal young looking woman in light floaty robes, glowing with a mysterious light.
Loves: praying and being revered for her beauty... would most like it if other creatures worshipped her... which wouldn’t be hard if she dared grace the tavern.
Hates: SUCCUBI!!!!!! Any form of hard treatment or any sense of being rushed... true DIVA! Becomes more of a diva the higher level she gets.
Anger reaction: if high enough level will control mind of a strong ally and start attacking things. If things have really upset her, she may simply go to her lair and die! Creatures will definitely to mourn for her death.

Lair: Pure Golden Altar

Obtainable By: Hero (REALLY HARD TO CONVERT)

How Introduced: You’re building a massive army to attack a town. Heroes have recruited an oracle who poses a massive threat as she may discover your plans of attack. You must ‘dispose’ of her!

Entrance Effect: Steps into dungeon,,, everyone mouths open in awe, silent watches her glide along.

ADVISOR QUOTE: (NOT TOO SURE HERE)... It seems your enemy has called upon the aid of the Oracle; she really is rather beautiful... let's kill her quickly before your minions realize!

Torture: Forced to hold up a heavy stone, under fear of being crushed!
Likes: Blox
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