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[Hero] Sapper

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May 1, 2012
Name: Sapper

Preface: I was looking at the Impenetrable wall post and Inlaa's idea for a hero unit called the Trapper and it sparked the idea of a Sapper. A Sapper use to collapse walls during sieges in the Classical and Medieval ages so I figured it'd be an apt name for a digging unit to replace the Dwarf in some ways.

Appearance image:
I decided to have a go at drawing my guy. So here is what I came up with... His abilities are represented on him apart from Pig Oil and Loot. Also top right is what I figured he's lair would be, a rock carved seat next to a small fireplace.



Health: Average
Armor: Low
Movement Speed: Above Average
Attack strength: Above Average
Attack speed: Low
Intelligence: Low
Construction: High
Training Rate: Above Average
Training Cost: Low
Wage: Low
Gender: Male

Level 1: Dig [The ability to dig through dirt]
Level 1: Bash [Basic Melee attack, Blunt]
Level 1: Loot [Utility - The Sapper is able to steal gold and jewels from anywhere]
Level 4: Speed Potion [Self Buff - Whether retreating or getting into position to begin digging, the Sapper has at his disposal a speed potion to hasten his arrival or retreat.]
Level 7: Pig Oil [Area of Effect - By setting this on fire the Sapper causes the floor to ignite creating a wall of flame that causes immediate fire damage and burning damage, that lasts for short time, to any who pass through it. Friendly fire possible]

Weaknesses/Resistances: He is weak against Slashing and Poison but has a resistance to fire because he uses it quite often and has acquired burns to prove it.

Information: The Sapper is an average guy who collapses walls when fighting on the overworld and digs for riches when he's not part of a siege. When his lands were threatened from below by the dungeon keeper he was the first to sign up. With his tunneling expertise he leads the heroic parties through the world beneath their own to fight the evil that is consuming the land.

Appearance: The Sapper is a human male dressed is fine clothes that have been ruined from his constant digging. Dirt covers his face and clothing and mud is caked on his boots. He carries all he needs to
tunnel through the underground and has a huge double sided hammer for defending himself.

Behavior in Dungeon: While idle the Sapper wanders around your dungeon checking out the walls and making sure they're 100% fortfied, then he'll head to the local tavern.

Battle Style: Guerilla - Sappers will charge in and fight toe to toe with the enemy unless out numbered in which case they will use Speed Potion, Pig Oil or Explosives to tie down the enemy while they escape.

Jobs: The jobs taken on by the Sapper include creating new tunnels you've planned out and constructing traps and doors for your dungeon.

Loves: The Sapper gets along will all Hero types and the workers of the dungeon keeper, as I'm sure they have plenty of tunneling stories to share.

Hates: I don't think the Sapper would have any hates.

Anger reaction: If angered enough he will destroy your fortified walls and some of your rooms.

Lair: A flattened rock for the hero to rest on next to a fireplace.

Obtainable By: Hero, must be converted.

Attracted by: Weak parts of your walls attract him. He then tunnels in, you hit him a couple of times, then capture and torture him until he's yours.

How Introduced: He'd probably be introduced in the first level as a path creator for the first heroes to assault your dungeon.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL]

Torture: [OPTIONAL] He is repeadtly hit with his spade in the face.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL]


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Apr 15, 2012
Czech Republic
Dont know why (maybe picture), but it makes me feel not underground dungeon enough. Maybe try to make it more interesting in the evil way (the dwarf is uncommon, this feels too much humanish).
But clearly construction/deconstruction oriented unit is fine.

Whats with his skills - its a mix of dwarf, firedragon and thief... you should give it a clear direction. Dwarf replacer (in this case he should be comparable with imp), explosives master (not sure if this idea is suitable for underground dungeon places), thief...

He could have some bonuses to tearing down enemy traps and doors.


Jan 11, 2012
Actually, I think his focus is pretty clear and well drawn, myself. There is a small problem, though: I don't think that explosives are meant to be in this game. I'd love to get Developer clarification on this, but something tells me they said that explosives / gunpowder don't exist in this setting. The rest of the unit makes sense and seems fine to me, though.

Honest, I think he'd actually be fine if you just removed Explosives and didn't give him an ability to replace it. After all, he's not a combat unit - he's a worker.
Jan 22, 2012
Imo it is dumb that you have toposses a unit just in order to break walls ..................

Loot : I steal some stuff from another side of the map ! and from veins too ! ~_~

Resistance to fire is bad imo. He carries explosives so he should be weak to fire, also why weakness to lightning and slashing ?

From what i heard few moths ago cave ins are will not be avaible.


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May 1, 2012
Yeah I tried to go in a combat direction with a worker style unit and I read a post, after I posted this, that said they wanted more medieval type weaponry and explosives are kind of renaissance. Shame cave in's wont be possible it'd be more realistic but it would kind of be over powered killing 10 level 10s with one cave in. I changed Pig Oil in light of cave ins not being possible. Also I explained the reason he had a resistance to fire, it'd be a small resistance though. Slashing weakness because he wears no armour and lightning... I don't know... So I got rid of it.
@iggii He's not meant to look underground dungeon-ish or evil, he's from the overworld where rabbits can frolic through the streets and entire towns give gifts to one person who is feeling sad.
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