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Jan 21, 2016

As a long time fan of DK2 I had very hight expectationcs regarding this game, and I was following it's development for some time...
Then game was released, and boy oh boy...

But I didn't actually buy the game - for bugfest it was it was not woth the price, I lost interest...

Then I managed to buy WFTO for a very good price (around 6$) so I decided to give game a try.

So good news:
1. NO BUGS (except for Skargs, which I love:) )
2. Game has ok performance (I have a loot of good RAM, strong CPU, old graphic card - so not bad).
3. Overally VERY GOOD ideas, nice implementation (I especially love beast vs intelligent minions idea - what use for money flies had in DK 2 - I do not know:) )

1. Graphic is rather poor - I rarely put any mind to graphics, but here everything looks small - probably due to resolution, and me being shortsighted:)
2. Game goes very fast, A lot of nice ideas (like potions, and rituals) I was never able to use. I was probably little bit overwhelmed by all that new content.
3.Campaign is so short, that I managed to finish it after 11 hours. That is probably 2-3 days for normal person (I have a son 4 months old - not so much time to play games anymore:( ).

Basically what I am saying is that now game is ok (you guys lost a lot of publicity due to bad launch), and has potential to be REALLY good - as long as more campaigns will be added
May 24, 2013
In address to your "Bad" points:
1). I think the graphics look nice, might be your old graphic card? Check the resolution your using.
2). I completely agree, many players wished for a slower pace meant for building dungeons rather than rts style running around
3). You're in luck, they are adding DLC soon with added campaign which will be free if you bought the game before May 2nd last year. The devs have heard us loud and clear about the pacing issues, and said the new campaign will be much slower in feel.
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