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Hotkey to drop all creatures from the hand

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Dec 16, 2017
You can pick up 10 creatures by pressing ctrl and clicking on them in units tab, but there is no hotkey to drop every creature from your hand.
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Aug 18, 2015
Ctrl + Right Click drops one creature at a time, like regular right click.
I forgot to tell, that you have to move your cursor.

for example:
Take 10 units with Shift + Lclick twice on a Unit Icon in the Units tab (1 shift Lclick = pick up 5 of that unit).
Then go to the point were you want to drop it, Shift + Rclickand move your cursor around (like in a circle).
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Apr 4, 2015
Shift + left mouse raises 5 creatures of the chosen type.
Ctrl + left mouse raises 10 creatures of the chosen type (maximum).
Ctrl + right mouse click resets the 1 creature from your hand.
Shift + right click alternately (with an interval about 1 second) resets the creatures in the hand.

1. Give the button combination for instant reset of ALL creatures in his hand.
Not consistently (with delay), as now. Immediate - as it does AI.
2. Give a combination of buttons to collect all the creatures in the flag in his hand. XkTibko8NSk.jpg Even if there are more than 10. Except for creatures that cannot take in hand (titans, ember demons and frost weaver), as well as imps and ghost workers.
When applying this combination of buttons on a common flag collection, will be taken in hand, ALL beings, apart from those you cannot take in hand, imps and ghost workers and beings who are in peace squad.
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