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I am disappointed with the game atmosphere


Feb 21, 2014
Russian Federation, Moscow.
I'm a big fan of DK1 and very long awaited by WFTO!!
But playing in wfto, I can`t feel that I'm trying to build a dungeon and think its strengthening and rooms, corridors abd so on....
Has passed 8 levels already and all had to use, so it's a lightning, healing, speed monsters and bombard.
My creatures was small levels 2-3. Although I loved achieve level 10 and smash into enemies lines!!
That I am in command of my creatures. Consider my steps carefully.
All comes down to building, digging, and claiming. All i wan is more likely to pass the level.
Before playing WFTO, in DK1 I studied every piece of the map, penetrated into every door.
Each battle brought some difficulties.I was worried about lost each of my creature. Everyone was like a part of my dungeon "family".
In WFTO then if someone is killed, and f*ck him!
In by wfto battle look like it is sluggish. Relatively small your army can easily defeat a sufficiently strong force of the enemy not to mention super units.

External effects, ideas, visual design perfectly. I love it. Great JOB DEV team.
But the gameplay kills all the fun.
All this seems kind of "management" and banal capture and win.
I don't live in my dungeon, as I lived in DK1. But i wish it so much in WFTO....
In short, for me by wfto this "strategy" in the style of DK1-2.
We have to be "dungeon/underlord keepers" and not users...

This is my opinion.
Overall I love the game.
But she has no character.

I hope on future you(DEVS) will fix this somehow...
Jan 7, 2014
Yeah I agree, the gameplay is not really good at the moment. Many people mentioned that the game is way too fast which is true... The current balance of creatures is not good, a lot of low army creatures can beat a very high level creature which is dumb. In DK2 for example (haven't played dk1 much so dont know how it is there but I think it's the same) a high level Creature was able to destroy a entire army of low level creatures. So yeah we just have to wait for the game to get better which will happen as soon as all annoying bugs are fixed.
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Apr 16, 2015
I'm actually digging it. I think that there's a lot of bugs to be worked out and the inexperience of this developer is showing, but everyone's gotta start somewhere and it's not bad with all things considered.
I have the EXACT complaints, while this game is, in spirit, the closest thing we've ever gotten to Dungeon Keeper, the pace is a huge problem for me. I agree with the original poster that it's part of the fun to build up big strong monsters (why bother having a training room with a beast master given the timers and fast paced nature of the game?) and attack the enemy with them, unfortunately this game seems to be learning more towards the "Hurry up!" side of things vs. take your time build a killer dungeon/army and throw it all at the enemy and carefully withdraw to keep your powerful creatures alive. I hope they tweak this as I've mentioned in other posts, the game pace, in my opinion is frustrating. :(
Dec 19, 2015
Agree, it had a lot of problems that spring with balance, translation, UI, performance a bit. I didn't launched game about half-year, there're about 45 patches, developers do everything they can. Today will play and check out the difference!:)
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May 30, 2015
I get the reasoning behind giving a quick buildup and attack its merits too: it adds dept to the strategy of the game as someone who takes his time building up has to take into account the possibility of beasts. It's natural that this is in play in skirmishes. But DK1&2 were not loved because of their polished and balanced gameplay in multiplayer (not at all really) but for it's quirkiness and character. I would go for that first.

I heard often (and agree) that creatures seem to lack 'personality', which is weird when you think about it but still I kind of agree with it. I think that the minions in WFTO are a bit lacking in the part where they are very hard to frighten: in DK2 creatures who 'felt' that they could not win would fail to advance or outright flee, perhaps some experimentation with that? A lot of strategy depth could be added while at the same time feeling natural. One thing I thought of is the tavern could be much more interactive or fun.

Also, don't be afraid to add silly things to the creatures too, I like the offhand comments of Medechaus (Richard) but the creatures could use some too perhaps.

Lastly, the campaigns should be more defensive, in the sense that mindless rushing should not be rewarded unless the level is specifically about that (like Mira's level)
Dec 16, 2015
Don't be looking through rose-tinted glasses when it comes to oldies. I agree that DK1 has the best atmosphere.
But that was the first game of the series and history. (like the first matrix movie). Its most of the time the best version.
But i do believe WFTO in its current state (patch 1.3 or future 1.4) is better then DK2.
Gameplay and atmosphere. But this comparison isn't really fair due to the time difference (history) and different developer with different resource etc.

My list of anything dungeon keeping related:

1 - DK1
2 - WFTO
3 - DK2
99998789571974918740981671241512557198739817987101656009269025421523528197390817- Dungeonkeeper mobile

Future list:

1 - WFTO 2
2 - WFTO (Version 7.9 + all 3741 DLC packs)
3 - DK1
4 - DK2
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Apr 28, 2014
Has passed 8 levels already and all had to use, so it's a lightning, healing, speed monsters and bombard.
My creatures was small levels 2-3. Although I loved achieve level 10 and smash into enemies lines!!
That I am in command of my creatures. Consider my steps carefully.
I guess you will be pleased with the new Expansion coming out soon(tm).

There will be some significant tweaking to the Levelling System.

The Community Feedback has been heard, so be prepared for some really great changes.
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Mar 26, 2017
Sorry a little late but i just have to say I truly disliked WFTO and I thought DK2 was bad but WFTO might have just changed my mind a little about DK2 wait nope they're both just crap. WTFO should be free for download def not worth the money I spent on it I had to make myself play through both dk2 and War Of The Overworld. DK1 is still the best and will always be the best I even think the graphics are better then these shit games
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