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I have found the missing pieces in the game

Dec 14, 2015
As first this game is nostalgic about Dungeon keeper 2, that's the reason why i bought this game.
I like this game but i found a lot of problems in mechanical things:
1. No sense to save walls, more easy to build without walls, for me this is biggest mistake in this game. In DK2 if you build 3 cell in one line(ro cube 3 x 3) and if walls upgradet by workers you getting elements in walls, like if you make training room - you have target on the wall and creatures can training on them.The same with the torture chamber, and others.(i add some pictures).This elements add some sense in walls, sense to save them.
Btw in War for the Overworld they have some elements, but they doesnt work with creatures.
2. Where is spell upgrades? Like after spell upgrade i can made worker lvl 5 or smth.
3. Where is casino? Casino much better than "pub"
4. In DK2 was big trap library, and traps rly cool thing. But now we pay our mana and library so short, very strange thing.
i can talk a lot about things what i rly miss, the most important is part number 1
If you guys find some elements what you miss from DK2 write here please, mb developers will read this topic and will add some changes in the game.
Thank you.



Apr 28, 2014
Well, walls in DK2 werent as defensice as they are here, it was a lot harder to have a sturdy Dungeon. You have some "harder" walls here, killing walls only with imps is near impossible (unless you own a siege shrine or use the ritual, but even if you use those tools its still pretty hard to do), so you need to spend gold on Underminers to break in.

In addition, Walls grant Bonuses to the room props, so if, for example, your library is sorrounded by walls it will generate sins a lot faster compared to an open library (or one with only naked earth around it). each wall will grant 8.5% efficiency Bonus to most props up to a maximum of 50% Bonus (excluding "storage" rooms, as the crypt, the vault, the prison, the Beast Den, the Arena and the tavern oven (while tables will grant more gold and happyness if the room is walled off). You can see how high the Bonus is when you hover the prop. An efficiency flower will be shown, and in addition you can see the prop efficiency in the tooltip description.

The wall props are surely nice to watch, but they are a balancing problem. you can make very cheap, long 1-tile-rooms and get a lot of props out of it, on the other Hand if you place the corridors wrongly (wich is sadly: in the most likely, most symetric way), you will get no wall props at all. The wall prop mechanic has a lot of weaknesses, so Subterannean good rid of it for good reason. Anyways, the wall animations are really great in this Game, so theres still much to see and enjoy around your walled rooms.

Spell Upgrades aren't needed due to the Talent-tree-like system in WFTO, but now you can upgrade rooms instead of spells with sins, and you have plenty more options to customize your playstyle. Level 5 workers arent really needed, as workers do level up and get a bit better in doing stuff, but are easily killed and so theres no real reason to have highlevel workers. Its a nice-to-have players ask for, but it has no strong impact on the Game.

You say you like the Casino more than the Tavern, my opinion is the opposite. The Tavern fits great into the dungeon theme, while i always felt the casino a bit "artificial". I never really liked it at all, and in my opinion the Tavern does a great job in keeping your minions happy and getting your hands back on the gold they steal from your vaults just for beeing stupid minions and cannon fodder for your evil plans. Im pretty sure the Casino won't find its way into WFTO, as we have the Tavern wich does exactly the same job, and redundant rooms arent very fun.

I also think we got a couple of really nice Traps (and will see more of them), and having mana locked on them makes them much more blanced. Its simply not very nice to have a big meatgrinder on any possible entrance to your realm without any penalties, with the current system you need to chose how to place your traps most effectively and how much you want to invest into them, as you pay in offensive power to get them.

For finish i want to say, that many, many things in the Game were implemented because of player feedback and you will hardly find a developer wich does so much work with its community and implements so much stuff the community suggestest. So be sure, good feedback is always heared and will be discussed. We, for example, had a long discussions about walls and how they should affect rooms, and with much player feedback and many good ideas out of the community we ended up with the current system, wich i quite like.
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