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Is this a...

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Nov 14, 2011
Special thanks to DarkFire4114 (MGR) for helping me with the abilities and balancing.

Name: Illumer

Health: Low
Armor: Low
Attack: Low
Accuracy: Below Average
Agility: Above Average
Speed: Average
Luck: High
Recovery Rate: Below Average
Construction: Very Low
Training Rate: Below Average
Training Cost: Above Average
Wage: Average
Gender: Varies

Level 1: Melee
Level 3: Lightshard*
Level 5: Disrupt**
Level 7: Dazzling Light***
Level 9: Holy Pillar****
Level 10: Lightbringer*****

* The Illumer fires a shard of light at enemies, doing minor damage. (Shoots a volley of three shards once it reaches level 7)
Cool down: 15 secs
** The Illumer fires an orb of light into the middle of an enemy army. The orb explodes on contact with the ground. Does very low damage, but has a moderate knock back effect
Cool down: 30 secs
***Stuns enemies for 3-5 secs in a 3 square radius surrounding the Illumer.
Cool down: 40 secs
**** The Illumer calls a light from above on a single tile an enemy creature is on. It will deal constant low damage for 1-2 secs and will have a repel effect that will keep creatures away for 2 squares.
Cool down 35 secs
*****The Illumer creates several waves of light that quickly expand around it. They deal no damage but push enemies back based on the force of the wave. The force of the wave is at its strongest near its spawning point and grows weaker as it expands out. The waves travel 3-4 Tiles before they disappear.
25 Second Recharge Time

Special Skills
Seer- Can see invisible enemy creatures, also has a small chance of randomly revealing a section of the map to you.

The Illumer are a group of skilled seers who use the light as weaponry. They spent years training, and many are blind from the overexposure to light. Now, however, they can see things others could not. .They seek to rid even the very underworld of darkness.

Battle style: Scrambler
Their cause in battle is to break up groups and cause some mayhem. As they are fragile, they rely heavily on the get in, get out tactic, and if stunned, they are nearly doomed. They is usually at a typical support range, but are not adverse to getting into the middle of an enemy group to break it up.

Dungeon Behaviour:
Illumini are typically very happy members of a Hero's Dungeon. Not much can bother them. It does seem, however, that they has a strong dislike for the unholiest of creatures, namely, the Witch, and the Succubus, and will politely refuse to share the same lair with them. If forced, don't expect them to be efficient, as they will refrain from sleeping. Slapping can also be a problem, as it will get them very irritated. They also hate Vikings because of the darkness in their hearts.They will usually be found in places of solitude or prayer (Temple, Library, Graveyard) and being in or near these places make them happy.


Obtainable by:
Hero Portal, Conversion, Temple

Witches, Succubi, Vikings,

Meditating, Graveyards, Libraries, Temples

Anger Reaction:
They will go into a busy room and cast their spells to confuse.

A small circle of glowing runes. They will cross their legs and meditate.

Something like this, anyway.

Mid-Late game. She will continuously break up your assaults

Attracted by:
Library, Temple,

Entrance effect:
A golden ray of light shines through the portal. She floats out, looking around. Then, she gently steps down.

The torturer traps her in a dark box that keeps shrinking.

That's it. Please feel free to comment or leave a review.
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