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Indigo: The End of Color


WFTO Founder
Nov 20, 2012
United Kingdom
Hello all!

I've always had a passion for English Language, at school I scored B's in both of my exams! I've been fascinated with the ins and outs of writing and have been an avid reader in my rather short life (1 month to 18!) I also enjoy gaming, particularly story driven games where the actual story creates the world (I.e Fallout)

About 10 months ago I came up with a similar idea; A post-apocalyptic post-Ice Age sort of story. With fragments of fantasy implemented (Magic) The original idea came in the form of the 2nd paragraph in which I introduce the main character, I was laying in bed and the idea came to mind so I jotted it down and expanded it into what it is today.

Not long after I had completed 4 full chapters, however the fourth chapter left a bitter taste in my mouth so I shelved the project and have only just thought about revisiting it. I published my works on Wattpad and showed my Family to take in some feedback. The general consensus is that I have a skillful way of writing but no mention of the story. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to write a masterpiece but I'm a little OCD in that I want to write naturally, make everything flow, interesting descriptions and little dialogue.

I will post the link here in the hope that someone can provide me with some constructive criticism in the hopes of motivated enough to finish the project.

So I present to you: Indigo: The End of Color - http://www.wattpad.com/story/2513358...e-end-of-color

Guys, this is a serious issue. I'd appreciate no flaming, I know I'm not a perfect writer but everyone starts off small.

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