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Infantry, and individual warriors.

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Jun 27, 2012
I've been thinking, for melee fighters it might be nice to have two main types: the kind that work well in groups, infantry, and individual warriors who work just fine on their own.

The infantry is weaker, they are the main fighting force pretty much. Not leaders, but followers. They work well in groups, especially with their own kin.
They are easy to maintain and not quick to anger. They have their needs and quirks like any other creature of course, but nothing too difficult. Individually, they are not too powerfull however, and their cost is a bit lower.
What truly sets them apart, is that they can do a group ability in combat with their kin.

Like a shield wall, forming a defensive circle, or something similar.

Skeletons, orcs, goblins and guards are good examples of creatures to be used as infantry. They are the main fighting force.

And then there are the individual warriors. They work well on their own, and are stronger. However due to their power, they also feel entitled to more than mere infantry. Which means their wages are higher, they are quicker to anger, and may have a rival creature they cant stand.

Black knights, dark angels, bile demons, giants and horned reapers would be good examples of individual warriors.

Theres also scouts, archers, mages, workers and such of course, but they have their own categories.

What I am suggesting here is simply having that infantry classification added, possibly even under a seperate creature cap or with these creatures classed as infantry costing half a population slot.

This would give weaker fighters a place, making them work better in groups. Not every creature should be powerfull after all, and this provides a good meatshield of more expendeable creatures, something for the more powerfull creatures to rise above, to either cleave through them, lead them, or for casters and such to be protected by them.


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Dec 30, 2012
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As you have described, the DK series allready had a roughly similar system - you had the cheap trash infantry (say, Orcs and Skeletons and Demonspawn) and the tougher elite units (Bile Demons, Horny, etc.) but lacked a "strength in groups" ability, be it a mere attack/health buff or sophisticated formations.

We had a few ideas for units that grew stronger in groups before (e.g. The Mastermind), that is, something amongst the lines of Age of Mythology's Fenris Wolves. Formations may be another thing though - seeing how the units of different Underlords will block each other (but not allied units), abilities like a shield wall formations or something similar could force stalemates as each Underlord can not break the lines of the other one. It also would make skirmisher/flanking units very difficult to use, as you would have to navigate them either around the enemy formation, or should the latter be large enough to fill an entire tunnel, through an entirely different tunnel in order to to attacks your enemies' rear.

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Dec 29, 2012
If we would do that creatures like the gnarling with the Pack mentality would lose there uniqueness ;)
There were already some discussions going into this direction...: Goblins vs. Black Knights, creature unisons

I know this isnt the same but many people seem to be afraid of the balancing between the different creature types..

again ... my opinion to this is: before we change it to a more complicated system lets wait and see what we will get in the beta then the feedback about balancing would be more relevant.
on of the things i do not like about this idea is that some creatures will just be reduced to mindless fighters.

i will add it under game mechanics ;)
Jan 3, 2013
Since each creature will have it's use, there will be no such thing as weak, only non-combat unit.

Grouping system - creatures could have their efficiency increased when they are in group : Cultists would research faster and gain more XP, Augres craft stuff faster, Gnarlings move quicker and so on.
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