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Introduction thread

Apr 6, 2015
I am Mika4life, I am from NY, USA, I am much older than most of you :), I am a huge fan of DK and I am realty thrilled for the release of this game, looking forward to play Multiplayer game with you all.


May 2, 2015
London, UK
I remember playing Dungeon Keeper first time round. Came across this game on Steam - ahhh it brings back the memories. In real life I'm a Software QA Project/Team leader and as my avatar may hit at a fan of Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo .
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WFTO Founder
Feb 6, 2013
New York, USA
I remember playing Dungeon Keeper first time round. Came across this game on Steam - ahhh it brings back the memories. In real life I'm a Software QA Project/Team leader and as my avatar may hit at a fan of Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo .
Welcome to the community RussM
May 28, 2015
Steve Sollie here from belgium (and often in the netherlands).
I am 26 and works in a distribution center.
mostley i play rts games(planetary annihalation, rise of nations, supreme commander, sins of a solar empire) and shooters (planetside2, killing floor2, chivalry, saint's row)and here and there some crafting simulators(space engineers, majesty2, portal2)

Dungeon builder games are awsome! I had a very great time playing Evil genius, dungeons, startopia, stronghold crusader(not really dungeon games but a lot of mechanics in that game are the same), and same with Tropico series.

Alas i often got tricked with dungeon simulators with shitty games (impire being the worst). But i do think this game is actually going to make somethign for itself! The graphics are not that splendid but most of these games are going in error on the gameplay not being good.
The reasen i believe this game is going to make it is because the dvelopers are steady and are not going to give up easely, and more important: they listen to what people have to say and aknowledge problems!
Fresh idees like the first person mode and mainly focus on skirmish(multiplayer) are also going to keep the game interesting where others are easily forgotten.
unfortunatly screenshots and game trailers sell a game and graphics are not that incredible but i'm perfectly aware of what a team can and cannot do, thus making this game into a succes would make wfto2 a graphical shiny diamond! Untill thet time keep wfto! alive and well balanced!

Because of this you will often see me posting a lot of suggestions on gameplay gamesfere and balance. Some of them will happen others are not but if more people posts what the want the developers will have a better picture of what most people want and where they agree and disagree into
Aug 8, 2015
Hello everybody, my name is Stormy Facade, or Troy, I am currently drawing and designing a video game with UE4. I like to play tons of games, War for the Overworld being one of my current favorites.
I thought I could only beat Medium AIs in WFTO but apparently I can do better since I also just beat Steven Fright on Master difficulty. Don't know if he's just the worst of them, or the best, but I did it.

I commonly draw characters, I have 56ish of them, all of them a wide variety of people from lords of shadow, to shapeshifting creatures made of nuclear waste. Haven't drawn them all yet though.

I really want the campaign to have more, to have a good-side bit since the intro video for it is literally in the ending of the game, just 1/8ths of it. Would be so cool.
I'd love to see you guys in-game sometime! I can give my steam url if anyone wants it, but I prefer to do it directly rather than post it for all to see.

I also play MTG, D&D (I rarely make custom content for D&D 5), Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, nearly all the blizzard games and Dead Space 3.
Nov 17, 2015
Guess ill go with the flow also.
Im DC.
I've played way to much dungeon keeper in the past & since this game is the closest ive seen so far to that... im here. :D

I do not plan to visit the forums often, and play multiplayer every now and then. (other stuff I do atm takes priority.)

Im from the EU, and am part of the TAW gaming community.
Oct 2, 2015
Hey guys I've been on the forums awhile now but I haven't introduced myself.
I am 31 from Australia and still remember when I first played Dungeon Keeper at my primary school friend's house. By the end of level 3 I had decided that this was something I had to have. So I got a burnt copy (I since bought 2 legit copies plus 2 Deeper Dungeons, found an in box copy, and DK 2 in box) and played it every which way for years, my dk 1 map was more flag than map. We had the most massive router at home with lan cables running under the carpet to more rooms than not so we always had 4 comps for siblings and friends. Outside SC Broodwar it's the game I've had the most creative fun with. DK 2 was not nearly as fun partly because we didn't have fast comps and the patch took forever to find (They came in PC mags back then). Back then I much prefered the first games UI and graphics (especialy in possesion game veriants, arena, questing ect.). Also I never bothered tweeking the campaign parameters or do tiggers and time events so it got dull. Also i didn't play online and the SC community and game variety was massive back then. (Was crushed they made SC2 match making on approved maps over user controlled lobbies. My dreams of a full house SC2 LOTR siege of Gondor map remains unfulfilled.)
This game is a ture successor and improves as well as innovates the malevolent god RTS.
I can't wait to get my ideas on map editor, plus I would like make some super basic "Zero Clutter" style maps. I hope that sooner or later the map editor will support other ingame changes and stat tweeks but it's the right choice to bring it out fast and basic the legacy seems to be in good/evil hands here people.
Darkest greetings, Underlords. My name is Nova, reporting straight from the godforsaken soggy hellhole that is the Netherlands. I'm 20 years old, play mostly stealth-action and strategy games, have a taste in music that's about as connected as O'Theland's body, and loathe Belmorne's Pass.

I also love Irn Bru, something not available in the aforementioned soggy hellhole.
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