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Introduction thread


Blood Imp
Jul 10, 2016
I, my name is Mauro and i have 30 years old. I'm Italian and my work is Web Designer. I play Dungeon keeper long long time ago, and remain one of my favourite game of ever.

I like war strategy games, turn-based and real-time ( the saga of Heroes of Might and Magic and Command and Conquer ), management games like Patrician IV , Caesar 3 , Civilization , Alpha Centauri , and many more , online role-playing games and not ( i quote some of the most glorious : Diablo II , Baldrus Gate II , Neverwinter nights , Knights of the Old Republic and other ) and online war simulation games ( war of Tank , war of Warship ) .

I'm happy to play a good title like War for the Overworld, because it's a great heir of Dungeon Keeper 2, one of the most carismatic games i play. I'm happy to be here. Hi and well met at all of you.


Dwarven Worker
Aug 2, 2016
Hello, I am Sun YuDai.

I grew up playing the DK series, and am absolutely thrilled to have WftO carry on that torch - I do believe that negative space RTS/Management sims are an under-explored genre.

I purchased the game back in the early days of Bedrock beta, but am only now getting into the community.

I will mostly hang out in the suggestion sub-forum, trying to not overwhelm the poor devs & moderators with my many map-editor related ideas.


Blood Imp
Sep 15, 2017
Hi, I'm Arlan, incredibly late to the party and posting here so I get enough posting privileges to post in the thread to ask for that backer copy I didn't ever get around to claiming 5 years ago.

I'm just that smart...
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