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Is anyone already doing Polish translation?

Apr 9, 2017
Hey Devs.
I would like to translate this game to Polish language.
But before I start, I would like to ask you this questions.
Is anyone already doing it?

In Community Translation Guide we can see in the screenshot 4.png (uploaded because forum don't allow me to post links yet)

It is Polish language that i see there. So. Is this only an example? Or a hint that - someone is doing it?

I haven't see any official information on this forum that there is work in progress of Polish translation.
Please help me and answer so I will know if I should consider starting ;)
Thanks ;)


Tim White

Writer, Designer
Apr 26, 2016
Hi KotNaKacu,

Welcome to the community :) I'm Tim, a writer at Brightrock and I work with the localisation system. Thanks for your interest in doing a Polish translation.

The base game of WFTO was translated into Polish at launch, which would explain the Polish text in the screenshot in the guide. But we're sorry to say that all post-launch content isn't translated into Polish, beyond a basic machine translation.

I'm not aware of a Polish translation project for WFTO at the moment, and none are listed on the Steam Workshop either. We'd certainly welcome your interest in undertaking one. Give me a shout if you have any other questions.

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