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Issues with multplayer and creatures not moving

Discussion in 'General Help & Support Legacy' started by Amuneta, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Amuneta

    Amuneta Bloodling

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    So I've looked everywhere no where does this issue seem to be listed. Running on windows 10 in multiplayer games my creatures will stop moving. Single player/ campaign works fine.

    Perfect example just now I was in a game with my boyfriend over the lan (which is the only multiplayer I do with this game) and the creatures stop moving. I had 3 artifacts that were never researched. I had the archives, I had the cultists, they just kinda did nothing. After awhile they stopped doing anything ritual wise as well. I would see I want to say close to half my creatures standing around in spot. When my boyfriend used perception he could see my creatures moving. Then in other places I'd have tiles being claimed for me by invisible worker. Hoping its as simple as I few settings to adjust but I doubt it so posting this.

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