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Viewed by Developer Life in a dungeon, even after the death of an underlord

Feb 2, 2016
So, what I suggest is, to let the dungeon "live", even after its master is gone, or is away. I mean It simply makes sense to me, why should everyone die/run away when an underlord dies, I mean heros are living underground alone with no master all the time, why are evil creatures any different? why cant they insist on remaining in their dungeon as scattered pockets of resistance? it feels more realistic, what fun is to simply barrage in, destroy the heart and then go away? dont you want to stick around and claim the territory? imprison and torture the survivors, dismantle the remaining traps?

it also makes it somewhat more fair when there are fights who involve more then 2 underlords, if one underlords manages to take out another, thre rest wont stand a chance, the victor quickly gets an entire new dungeon at hes disposal, usually it is already known that it is the end of the game..

So, as for the technic details, I wish that:

-Let a level continue even after all the major objectives are taken, let the player decide when he wants leave the dungeon, or better yet, make it so that in order to leave the level and actually win, he has to perform a ritual in the sanctuary that would allow him to leave the level (like the level in the main campain, where you go to help raskos, and perform a ritual to enter his realm) this for example would give the survivors of the land a chance to take revange uppon you, if for exaple you rushed toward an objective and failed to protect your own dungeon.

-When an underlord dies, let hes minions, and hes traps and everything stay as it is, minions should keep fullfiling their needs, warbands should be disbanded. basicly they should act like heros do in the game.

-imps should stay alive, but no new imps will generate, if all the imps would be hunted by the enemie, they would go extinct. imps in a masterless dungeon should be able to carry minions who has fallen in battle to prisons/lairs, fix broken traps, attempt to reinstal traps who were destroyed (for example if no underlord is in charge, and a trap/door is broken, and the tile is still claimed, and there is enough gold, then the imps should attempt to recreate the same trap again) imps should also mine gold shrines who belong to them. all of this should happen with hero sappers as well, this would turn hero strongholds into something who is much more alive.

-A new shrine who spawns imps/sappers (like mana shrine/siege shrine etc..) , should give a stronghold with no master a flow of new imps to aid them. to an underlord, it should provide extra imps with no additional mana locked, or perhaps some spirit workers instead?

-Inquisitors/Sucubus should be able to drag prisoners to the torture chamber if no underlord is in charge, otherwise, what use ther is for this prison then?

-Minions should be able to spotaniously get on/off a spirit chamber`s pedestal if no underlord is present.

-Working in the library should probelly give way more experience to arcane classess... it makes sense, and it gives the archive some use when no underlord is around

-Cultists/arcanists should be able to randomaly perform rituals like avarice and such. (alternative way to suply gold to a dungeon with no underlord!)

-Firebreathers/Crackpots should randomaly use potions like frostweaver, work a lot, spirit imps, and wisdom juice when no one is supervising them.

Thats it for now, any more suggestions/comments from you guys would be awsome! and I am sorry for my bad english, and typos, how you guys can deal with that XD
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Dec 14, 2012
why should everyone die/run away when an underlord dies
Because when the Underlord dies their evil energy no longer exists to keep the portal open so the minions high-tail it back to the darker depths rather than bumble about waiting for death. Minions need a master.

Plus, you never know, there could be tacos and grape drink back down in the darkest depths.
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