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List of feedback War for the Overworld campaign 1.6

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Peetfighter, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Peetfighter

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    Hello to the few people who still roam this forum nowadays and more importantly the developers who made this game possible!

    It has been close to 5 years that I own and play War for the Overworld and most of my playtime went to the QA testing I did for a year. That means playing the game just to replicate bugs instead of playing for fun. 2 months ago I decided it was time to start anew now that the game was polished and expanded.

    It was certainly a fun experience with much variety between the levels, points for that, however there were also things left to be desired. Below is a list of things I disliked or could've been done different with some elaboration and suggestion on how to improve. I hope Brightrock Games will consider addressing these issues in future builds.

    Home Realm enemy options: Starting with the first thing that came to mind, spawning enemy waves and changing their level is still done by clicking various tiles, while in the My Pet Dungeon DLC there is a neat wheel that toggles enemy levels and and a separate UI tab to spawn them. It would make the Home Realm look more like a finished product if it had these things as well instead of the placeholder look we have now.

    Too many Gold Shrines: Many levels have Gold Shrines, most of which are necessary for a steady dungeon economy. 2 levels however have them but don't need them from my experience as they take away the challenge. In Belmorne's Pass (C9) I was able to fend off all Imperial assaults without them reaching the other side and I didn't even need that Gold Shrine. In Subjugation (C12) I didn't need the shrine because the Kenos already gave me an endless supply of gold and if I needed some extra cash I could just mine some nearby tiles. Removing these shrines would challenge the player to search for gold instead of simply clicking on the shrine and not having to bother with it for a while.

    Shadow's health flower mostly invisible: Not sure if this is a bug or because the Shadow is a stealth unit but the health flower is missing most of the time causing my Shadows to die in battles because I couldn't see their (low) health in order to heal them.

    Location of winches unknown: This is by far the most critical issue I encountered. After making your way into Lucius' keep (C13) the mentor tells me to smash the winches of the drawbridge in order to gain access to the throneroom. It was completely unclear where I could find these winches, hell I thought they were part of the bridge. It wasn't until I watched this video by Biervampir, that I understood what exactly I had to do. My suggestion is to draw the players view over to the winches and reveal them through the fog of war.

    A rather confusing line: ''Wait, I forgot to tell you something. Retreat!'' says Lord O'theland when sending a wave in The Breach (C3). I have no idea why he says this, but I imagine it's confusing for new players when they're building their defences along the pathway, perhaps thinking the attack may be delayed while this isn't the case.

    The Rear Guard is too hard: More specifically, it requires too much multitasking. This is only level 5, players just finished the tutorial missions and already they have to fend off pesky midgets while channeling a ritual. The Dwarves attack too often to properly train minions or set up defences at the 3 entrances of your dungeon and if you want to slow them down you have to destroy their gateways. The 4 gateways farthest away from my dungeon are guarded by multiple level 10 units. Again, only the 5th level, but it feels like it could be one of the final levels. I did manage to complete it and even destroy all gateways but it needs a rework. I suggest closing off one dungeon entrance with impenetrable rock and lowering the levels of Dwarven elite units to 7 or 8.

    That's all for now, I might do another one on Heart of Gold in a while. Thanks for reading
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  2. Noontide

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    Thanks for this feedback Peet, I'll make sure it gets seen there's definitely some interesting stuff here.

    There's no plans to adjust the Home Realms at this stage, unfortunately, their code is extremely inflexible and brittle. It'd actually be a big undertaking to bring any of the newer features to them that aren't part of core gameplay and trust me when I say that it's not the first time we'd have considered it. :)

    Unfortunately this is one of a few areas in the game we can't really touch.

    This is definitely intended to be a joke, i.e. by the time he's says this line they've already left and thus can no longer hear him. I do agree it could potentially use some clarity we're getting some of our voice actors back for the expansion and the actor for O'theland is among them so we might be able to replace the line. Otherwise, it's low on the pecking order.
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