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Lore - The greatest kickstarter project ever

James Hale

WFTO Backer
Jan 12, 2013
It's clearly a fake set up as some sort of obscure joke. I'm not sure if your response was serious, but the hideous artwork, the absurd storyline, and the spelling deficiencies are too contrived to be real. Pledge a dollar and you can buy the game on Steam? Seriously?

Stuff like this happens all the time. Usually the troll who sets it up is a socially inept misanthrope who gets a charge out of manipulating people. It was funny for two minutes back in the day when the internet was a series of tubes, but now it's just old.
People like you take the fun out of the internet. :(

I wish him well, and may donate a dollar. It's funny, semi-fraudulent bullshit. He has six days to reach his goal - which he won't - but I wish him all the best.


WFTO Founder
Jan 9, 2013
Currently orbiting Magrathea
Agreed, I wish Tommy Wiseau all the best with this, his latest project!
The thing with Tommy Wiseau is that when he made The Room, it's fairly obvious that he intended it to be completely serious. It is only when people realised how stupid it was did he completely change his tune and say it was meant to be a black comedy from the start.

And then there is the infamous story he has with the Nostalgic Critic.

I just personally think he has got famous for the wrong reasons, like Rebecca Black did.
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