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Lost minion?


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Jan 29, 2013
Hey, was just looking through some of your old wednesday uploads, and fund some features that's not in the game, one which is a creature named the Dryad. And i just wanted to know if you have scraped it, forgot it or just holding it for another update.

I don't think the Inquisitor can spawn in the waves summon in the home world.
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Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
We've never forgotten it but unfortunately it didn't make the cut for the game. It's always possible you might see it in the future, but can't make any promises as of yet :p
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Apr 14, 2012
Sadly, there were a lot of things for WftO that have been cut over the years, just like pretty much every game ever... It's an unfortunate part of the ongoing process of development... I will now attempt to compile a list of cut content, as I know it...

Creatures and Heroes
  • Dryad [Hero]
  • Reaver [prototype Titan]
  • Archlich [prototype Vampire-level Minion]
  • Blood Mage ["evolved" Cultist (May have been a titan equivalent, not sure, been too long)]
  • Bloodling [Swarmer, also served as additional source of "blood", prototype Mana]
  • Viking [Hero]
  • The Augre's Tail [WftO version of Herobrine]
  • Horror of Nephren-Ka [Summoned by controlling a certain shrine, uncontrolled Titan-level minion]
  • Gargoyle [A "special" minion, formerly attracted by having huge amounts of wealth, and which acted as a semi-permanent guard for your Vault, now relegated to a dull trap]
  • Chunderlings [Temporary Baby Chunder's vomited up by a fully grown one in combat, removed to simplify the Chunder in a process that affected nearly all WftO units in existence at the time, and that I call the Dumbening]
  • The Democorn [WftO's first April Fools joke, with fully realised concept art and sound effects, to the point where a lot of people want the damn thing to be added]
  • Original Gnarling [originally, they scavenged weapons and armour off of corspes, boosting their stats. They also, if I remember right, cooked in the Tavern]
  • Ice [Fragile wall, replaced by Sand]
  • Permafrost [Extremely tough to dig through, removed with the Cauterize and Chill spells, though the assets for it still exist as the "reinforced frost wall" beside a closed Glacial Door]


  • Stairs of Nephren-Ka [Used to summon the Horror of Nephren-Ka, basically a tug-of-war Shrine]
  • All-Seeing Eye [Altered into bland-sounding Perception Shrine]
  • Fires of War [Manufacture Shrine]
  • Primordial Tome [Research Shrine]
  • Brooding Intellect [Increased your Area of Influence (a mechanic that is either completely invisible, or simply removed) drastically]
  • Idol of Power [Worker Boost Shrine]
  • Ancient Tome [Evolved into Primordial Tome?]


  • Market [Originally served as a place where Minions brought weapons and armour (made in the Foundry), as a means of both recycling payday gold, and boosting Minion stats. The whole system was eventually scrapped, as it would have created too much workload, scripting, animating, modelling, etc.]


  • Cauterize [Used to make Permafrost tile mineable, removed with Permafrost tile and Chill spell]
  • Chill [Used to make Brimstone tile mineable, removed with Permafrost tile and Cauterize spell]
  • Glacial Rift [The Sloth version of Wrath's Ember Rift, summoned Frost Weavers. Ironically, Subterranean Games decided to make a Sloth aspect rely on actively using Potions, rather than passively placing a trap that auto-spawns its entity.]

  • Dungeoneer [Essentially, a tool that would have allowed complete customization of the game... Scrapped because continuing to develop it would have, put simply, ****ed the development of the actual game]

Now, I will be perfectly honest with whoever reads this: I am tired. I stupidly stayed up until about 3am my time typing this, so it will likely be far grouchier than I normally would be, so for that, I apologise.

I'm also sorry for any inaccuracies, but, in my defence, some of these things are *old*. The Archlich, Viking, Blood Mage, Bloodling, and Reaver, for example, were lost when the Subterranean Team split, in November, 2011, and when the team split, the old website was essentially gutted. When that happened, all images and information relating to these beings were essentially lost. You MIGHT be able to find the concept art floating around on Google Images, but that would likely be the limit, I'd imagine.

The other thing to keep in mind, of course, is that I am not, nor have I ever been, a Dev. I am simply a crazy bastard who has been following the game since I first found it, in the days when it was Dungeon Keeper 3: War for the Overworld [about a year before the KickStarter campaign]. I could have completely mucked up the reason for alterations / removal. I could have no bloody idea about things. I just remember the existence of these things, and I miss them. Especially the Archlich and the Stairs / Horror of Nephren-Ka [we never even got concept art for the Horror, btw].

I have a request now, for anyone who can - I know damned well that I have missed a lot of things. As I said before, I am tired, and there is a *lot* of reading to do. I don't read well when I'm tired. So, my request is this: If I have missed anything, from any era, that was *original* content [so no minions / heroes etc. that existed in DK2 that were confirmed for the DK3 era], and you know about it, please, let me know...

Also, if it pisses off a Moderator that I've hi-jacked this thread majorly, please, make a new thread with it, don't just delete it.
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