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Low End PC problems - Help

Apr 17, 2015
I've attempted to play WftO a few times now yet my PC just won't have it. It crashes and i'm left unable to play for more than 10 minutes at a time. I used "System Requirements Lab Can You Run It?" to see what the problem was which has said that my Pixel Shaders and Vertex Shaders aren't good enough. I was wondering (due to my lack of computer knowledge and inability to upgrade hardware as of yet) if there were any settings I could turn down/off in order to allow me to play the game. I've set my texture resolution to an eighth and this seems to be the only adjustment that will help me (again according to my lack of knowledge). If there were any additional steps I could take that would help too, note that I currently use Razor Game Booster if that is even linked.

Sorry for my idiocy :)

Thanks for your help
Apr 17, 2015
Processor: Intel(R) COre(Tm) i5 CPU M540 @ 2.53GHz 2.53 GHz
RAM: 4GB (3.86 usable)
System Type: 64-bit Op
As far as I know my graphics card is NVIDIA NVS 5100M, (if that's even a graphics card)
Are there any other specs I can give?
Jan 3, 2013
I'd suggest going for lower screen resolution instead. It might help you a lot, maybe you even will be able to increase texture resolution.


WFTO Backer
Dec 11, 2012
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I'd also strongly recommend you get more ram. The game's minimum spec calls for 6gb of ram, and memory is really cheap. Have a look inside your pc and check out how many free slots you have. If you're lucky you'll have 2x2gb sticks in there with another 2 empty slots. If so, getting another pair of 4gb sticks a shouldn't be expensive and you can drop those in alongside the existing two for a total of 12gb. That should go a long way top solving your problems and generally speed up you pc across the board.
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