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[Map editor] Copy and paste

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Aug 17, 2016
I think what he may be referring to, would be the ability to just select, for example, a group of tiles created as a particular room or corridor, or whatever, and the ability to copy it, and paste it anywhere on the map. if you create something, and decide it needs to be moved over by a tile or two, or six, for the layout, there's no way to do it, than to completely repaint the whole thing. With copy and paste, one could copy the selection, blank it out on the map, then paste it in a better location. An additional feature would be to be able to save pre-made selections to a library, so that they could then be pasted onto a new map, without having to recreate the pattern manually. An example would be someone creating a campaign, and wanting a set of empire rooms to be duplicated on a new map. Additionally, if such a thing could be implemented, the ability to rotate the selection when pasted back onto a map would be most useful as well. Finally, if you could save a selection, especially for empire areas, and the original theme carries over, one could have a map with multiple empire themes in various locations.
Aug 18, 2015
You can select top half, lower half, left half, right half, top-left/right bottom-left/right quarters... That's a selection of tiles
I would imagin the copy and paste feature like, mark an ?x? area, wait for 2 seconds or so, then a box pops up, you can click like, copie or paste.
Dec 14, 2012
I figured as much but I would like to think that the only reason that was not the first option the devs chose to include was because it was such a difficult option, mimicking tiles is not so hard at close proximity
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