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[Map Editor] Trigger system suggestions


Blood Imp
Jun 7, 2017
Salutations underlords, after playing a pirate copy of the game and buying it right after as it was well worth the investment (eh, sorry 'bout that, but you never know, these days you have to be carefull with shody devs. i'm done paying for shit games with fucked-up mechanics based on neuroscience research on how to push you to spend more, but i'll definitelly reward old-school devs who actually rely on making a good and fun product to earn their money), i decided to mess with the map editor, seeing the potential of a game with such mechanics, and was confused not to find any trigger system. I quickly rushed to discord to ask if there was a icon that i missed or so that would allow me to access it, the answer i got was "there isen't, but there will be one soon" which lead me here.

I'm no mapping specialist and even less of a coder i'll be honest, but i did started to mess arround with map editors back in the Age of Mythology era (fuck man i miss escapes and cat'n'mice) so i'll just throw my 2 cents on what i think would be needed in it, or some ways you can have to get even better feedback than mine.


what i feel is primal is to have a proper complex trigger system, where you can add proper cause/consequence effect with multiple variable on everything this game has. Being able to add an infinite number of lines and not just a few scroll option and limited ammount of variable is much better. (think X3 script editor rather than AOM, though that script editor is not user-friendly at all it allows you to do so much)

On more specific terms:
-huge range of classic option (TP, lvl up, change unit into another, reveal aera, start cinematic, start automatic message, trigger event, if/when/then, countdown, and so on)
-ability to modify units characteristic (attack, defense, HP, etc...) and that through the trigger system too, as well as it being able to be used as condition for a trigger too.
-Ability to force FPS into a given unit on given conditions (including use of a custom unit spell)
-ability to modify units capabilities (allowing a military unit to build/mine/capture, be it through the addition of spell in the cast bar for example)

Additional features:

There's a few other things that really add depth to editors, and allow you to create incredible scenarios, in this game i think it could take a few forms:

-Menu editor, allowing you to create a custom window on given condition (interaction with an object, use of an ability on a unit, clicking on an item/unit/map square) with icons that you can choose amongst game icons (or import new ones) and the ability to make different colones or inner-windows (pardon my english, i just don't have the right word for it) to then custom each icon's coding through usual triggers (menue triggers should be able to interact with other triggers too)

-Unit customization: ability to create a new unit, redo it's whole spell bar at your liking, choose it's name, it's classification, it's model, (again, amongst existing or imported), it's size, it's attack speed, damage, resilience etc..

-Spell customization: Same as above, being able to choose cast speed of the spell, cooldown, number of projectiles, angle of projectile, impact animation, aera of effect, animation model of each projectile and even damage of each projectile. Ability to modify projectiles size directly in the editor too.

-Unit inventory: that could be done with proper tiggers and the menu system already but it'd be a mess to reproduce everytime, a proper inventory system and the ability to create custom items and their characteristics bonuses or attributed triggers when in an unit's inventory (as well as the ability to grab them, even if spell custom could cover that too it'd be nice to have a more user-friendly way to do so)

Now i realize it's a lot of work to get all that done but with it you pretty much have endless MP replayability, and the joy of discovering what insanelly cool shit your community can come up with on a daily basis. (and if you have a client-side based hosting server costs shoulden't be too high)

If you want an even better idea of what triggers to add i suggest you directly try to get in contact with good mapers from RTS games such as SC2, which editor is probably the most complete out there atm, i'm sure that watching some map editors advanced tutorials would also give you a good idea of what you'll need for your own game to let mapers have all the freedom they need, seeing what kind of map they do and what kind of system you can implement with your game to allow such kind of creations to appear.

I hope this will help you guys, i'm sure you'll be doing a good job on it anyway, seems that it is your way :)

And to other players, feel free to add additional suggestions here.
Apr 12, 2013
Seconded this suggestion. I really enjoy playing around with the map editor. In Dungeon Keeper 2 I also liked playing around with triggers, setting up patrols and attacks. Making everything a bit more... alive and dynamic.


Award Winning Community Manager
Dev Team
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
We definitely recognise that there's a lot of anticipation for a feature like this but sadly I cannot confirm whether it will ever happen or not. As it is the map editor as a feature was not a feature we were expecting to get in and triggers is an additional layer of complexity which were not considered when we made the base framework of the game.

If it does happen I don't imagine it would be anywhere near as complex as what you would like to see, simply on the basis that the scope would have to be limited to ensure it works and we can get something in within a reasonable timeframe with an appropriate use of our resources. With only Patch 2.0 and Expansion 4 left in the production pipeline it would be very tight.

So yes, we'd love to see something but for now no promises.
Dec 14, 2012
If it was possible to have hero party's spawn at specific times or under specific conditions as well as being able to pick the units in these party's would be a huge benefit, bonus points to be able to set up patrols.
If it's possible for a map to have preset mutators (which can be altered on the skirmish screen anyway) this would also be a great feature to include.


Award Winning Community Manager
Dev Team
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
If it's possible for a map to have preset mutators (which can be altered on the skirmish screen anyway) this would also be a great feature to include.
The map maker can already define mutators to be used. As for the triggers, we'd see party spawning and patrols as a bare minimum required for such a system. As above though there's no guarantee we'll be able to make any of that happen. Only time will tell if we can fit anything like that in with the roadblocks we'd have to overcome.
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