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[Mechanic] - Automated Systems

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Oct 22, 2012
Canterbury, Kent
I'm not sure how well it'd fit into WFTO, I guess it'd have to involve "magic" of some sort, but I was thinking of some way of linking things together, like Creatures 3 had (example at the end of this post - not a good one, but the only one I could find)

Basically, all objects, like traps and doors, have input/output points, for automation, and simpy drag&drop between points to link them...

For example:
  • a door might have 2 points- one input to lock the door, and one input to unlock the door
  • A pressure plate might have one point- the output, to say that something's standing on it
You could then easily create a one-way door, by having a pressure plate either side of the door. One pressure plate would link to the "Unlock" point, and the other would link to the "Lock" point.

You wouldn't necessarily need to do it so it wouldn't make the game too complicated, but could add interesting strategies... like you could trigger a boulder trap remotely, or trigger a noise trap nearby to distract heroes... or even a call-to-arms trap so all your creatures are ready and waiting before the heroes have knocked down the door?

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