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[Mechanic] Calling

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Jan 11, 2012
I couldn't think of a good name for this, so Calling will have to do.

The idea I have is very simple: It would be nice to have a method of some kind to lure a specific sort of creature to joining your dungeon. Basically, you use this spell, this room, this button, or whatever it is to say, "Hey, I like cultists. I'm going to purposely attract a higher percentage of cultists by using this function."

I figure that this function should only work on up to two or three creature types max and would not work on Heroes. Unlike the Scavenger room in Dungeon Keeper, it would not coerce enemy creatures or neutral creatures to coming to you. It would simply increase the percentage of your desired units coming through a gateway.

I think that the percentage may have to scale with how powerful a creature is. After all, some creatures may very well be, well, more powerful than others. Every creature is precious, but some are more precious than others, as it goes. So, just to make a random comparison, a Bloodling may have a 7.5% increased chance of entering your dungeon when the Calling is used, but a Cultist may have a 10% increased chance because Cultists may not be as good in a fight as Bloodlings.



Managing Director
Brightrock Games
Nov 10, 2011
Brighton, UK
We can very easily fit this into a current system we have. I'll put a note down to look into it.

Ideally, however you should be able to influence the system enough to get the units you want without resorting to 'fixes' such as this. We will have to wait and see how it pans out though.
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