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[Mechanic] Overworld Relationships.

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Dec 15, 2011
Tauranga, New Zealand
I was thinking of a system that allowed us to create a relationship with villages and cities in the world above. Yes, we are Chaotic Evil Dungeon Lords, but it may prove useful if we can manipulate the Overworld into helping us destroy our enemies...

[Does the Overworld even know you're there?]
One of the biggest idea I was having would be the idea that you could choose how much you want to be 'known' in the Overworld, effected by the actions you take.

Effectively, the more you make yourself known, the more often/higher chance that Heroes will attack you. Now, Heroes should both be a source of wealth and enslavement; meaning a strong Keeper would attract as many enemies as he can, all while building his forces up and getting stronger. A weaker Keeper, on the other hand, could hide himself from the Overworld and expand his underground empire in peace.

[Hiring Heroes]
Another suggestion would be the ability to attract in 'evil heroes', these could be criminals like Thieves and Murderers all the way to Cultists and Fanatics, these 'evil heroes' will have very unique uses in your dungeon, including knowledge of the world above, but are very expensive and will turn on you if you fail to pay them.

The ability to place a Bounty on another Keepers head, which in turn will manipulate greedy Heroes into targeting them over you. Keep in mind that Heroes will demand an expensive bounty if they want to risk attacking a Manevolent, Underground, Demonic, Dungeon Keeper. The more powerful a Keeper is, the larger the sum of gold is.
Enabling a defensive Keeper to build up a massive stockpile of Gold and let the Heroes fight their battles for them...

Borrowing Gold off of the Overworld itself. If you fail to pay it back in time, Heroes will attack you, simple as that.
Doesn't nearly add enough to the game to be worthwhile in my opinion. Not to mention the issues with revealing your presence to the overworld. I don't know about you, but I can't imagine many people pledging allegiance to the forces of evil no matter how bad of a person they are. Plus, what is a Hero if he can be bought for the highest bidder? The point of Heroes is that they uphold higher morality, it's not very moral to do the dirty work of an evildoer; that job is usually one for pirates and mercenaries, which generally fall under the category of "bad".


Dwarven Worker
Nov 15, 2011
I would interpret Heroic society to be the ideal society, the perfect society, the utopian society. By its nature it wouldn't really have such an extensive criminal/morally dubious contingent/leanings.


WFTO Founder
Nov 18, 2011
I kind of like the "bounty" concept, but must agree that it seems a little divergent from standard "evil keeper code". It'd be hard to balance in multiplayer too, to allow it to be a feasible, but not overpowered option to flood your enemy with heroes as opposed to attracting your own army.​
Nov 18, 2011
I have to agree with Zuriki with the overworld but what about the relations with the underworld? remember what I said in one of my posts there are other rulers of the underworld other than the keepers they are just one type of the rulers of the underworld and the underworld goes deeper then we all know. I like the idea of relations with the overworld because why not try to corrupt the nobles and heroes? One must know which buttons to push and maybe the corrupted heroes might help you like allowing you to gain creatures you would not normally attract and overworld recorces like food stuffs (your creatures would be sick from eating nothing but chicken not thats its bad just add more quriaty to their diet), wood (because really were does the wood for your dungeon comes from? fungus trees?), and other.
Dec 19, 2011
Auckland/New Zealand
Hmmm.. I see the benefit of having relationships with the heroes, but evil is evil and good is good .. We are trying to take over the overworld as well ? What hero would trust something nevermind work with something that wants to take over the overworld ?
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