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[Mechanic] War standard

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WFTO Founder
Dec 25, 2011
This would be something for Multiplayer, it would be cast as a spell but would also have the added feature of being part of a room or dungeon heart.

The concept is that that this would be something along the lines of the Roman eagle standard. It would be cast like the 'Call to Arms' spell but has more advantages (and disadvantages). By casting this creatures would gain a higher morale or maybe better defence or attack. It wouldn't take mana (or similar form in WFTO) but would stay where ever placed until your imp takes the square and carries it back to your dungeon heart or a temple style room. If however your troops are defeated in the fight a rival imp can take the standard back to their dungeon.

As I said, its not just a spell, it would be in maybe the temple or dungeon heart and would give happiness to your creatures. They could prey or salute it when they go past. If its lost it would give happiness to a rival keepers creatures. Each keeper would start with one but could effectively end with 4. Your creatures could even become happy at its loss to the enemy.

What is crucial would be knowing when to use it effectively as to risk it would be a double whammy (we all remember the how bad a disastrous attack in multiplayer could be (allowing for skeletons or converted creatures for your enemy)


Jan 11, 2012
Honestly... I don't know. Maybe there could be a game mode where standards like these exist and the capture of a majority of them results in victory, but I don't think it fits for normal games.


Dec 15, 2011
Tauranga, New Zealand
I agree with Inlaa. It doesn't feel like it has a place in the standard "Deathmatch" gamemode, but perhaps be put to good use as a gamemode of its own:

Banner Capture:
There are 2/4/6 Banners scattered around the map. Whoever captures them all/has the most when time runs out wins.


Ember Demon
Apr 14, 2012
Capture the Flag mode: You are forced into possessing a creature (which you pick), you have a team of creatures (which you also pick) and you fight for the enemies flag, just as they fight for yours. I can just imagine this in multiplayer. Wouldn't be as good in Single Player, but would still be fun. Team of Augres & Gnarlings vs Team of Juggernaughts & <insert hero counterpart of Gnarling>
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Jan 3, 2013
None of these do work well and are hard to balance.

Point Domination mode however can. A mode where players try to hold control over specific areas on the map and gain points every X seconds they have an area controlled. Each such area would have a hero gate wich would spawn heroes every X seconds. Number of heroes and their level would grow the longer the point is captured by anyone and slowly decrease if point is Neutral. Mode can either be timed or have point cap. Special conditions are required ( Dungeon Heart must be immune to damage and creatures remain immune to damage while they are on own territory, so all action would happen only on those areas ). Some extra things like Hero Traps could be spawned on those areas if heroes do have those points under their control long enough, making point capture even harder. Creatures could train 2 or 3 times faster and have reduced upkeep and training cost.
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