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[Mechanics] Underlord hand use.

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Sep 12, 2012
Fordon, Bydgoszcz, Poland
I think it would be nice add-on to game mechanics if player could do most of jobs in dungeon himself.This would be extend of DK mechanics like slapping stuff and picking up stuff to drop elsewhere or feed you creatures and so on. It would make for interesting feature for some single player missions. Like mission in dk2 where you had to sneak around and take over one room after another(My favorite btw) this feature could be used for making quite interesting missions. Also it could be very convenient at times.

So how would it work. Player could use his hand only in proximity to claimed titles. Lets say max of 5-10 titles away from nearest claimed title. And "black and white style he" could use gestures to work.
Quick repetable clicking= digging
Holding left mouse button and making circles over title = claiming it
Holding left mouse button and repetedly moving mouse up and down next to wall= Hardning wall
Cubes with secrets may be draged by player but only trought free space and if he drags it into lava he loses it and it bounces off players hand if he moves cube into wall making it bounce back.
Some of rooms could have seting that would not only interact with creatures but also allow player to work there wit his hand playing some mini game to create some item.

Example. Right click on anvil in forge/workshop shows circular menu allowing to chose trap to make then progress bar shows and player has to click anvil until it fills up(Animation of hammer striking anvil). When its done Box apears o one of tables in room and a cog appears over anvil. Player needs to grab and drag cog to box drop it on it. And some trap is done.

And as for research player could solve some puzle to figure out spell himself. Bether spell harder the puzzle.
Or mach 3 game where player gets points for each successful mach. So advanced spells could cost loots of points so player would have to spend plenty time in library by himself to research them.

Some of this mechanics probably should be SP only like researching spells. But others could enrich both multi and single player mode,
Jun 27, 2012
Sorry but I dont think this is a good idea. It would diminish the use of your creatures.

The influence of the player seemed to be more than enough in previous games.
Jan 7, 2012
Sry, but that would destroy the risk of traps and similar stuff, no more imp mass slaughter because could always claim your way right in front of range and destruction based traps and sacrifice just one or two imps to claim the enemys dungeon floortile.


WFTO Backer
Aug 23, 2012
I must admit, I'm not so sure this is a good idea either. However, if there is a possession style aspect of the game, extending the range of things you can do in possession would be very good, especially since possessing one creature will not have a huge impact on the game but it could be an interesting micromanagement method (or just fun).
Jul 13, 2012
I'd have to agree that possession should definitely be something we focus on heavily to give the player more finetune control of their dungeon from the eyes of their minions, but having the hand actually do things makes the game a lot more RTS and a lot less God Game with indirect control and autonomous units being the focus. It starts to look a lot more like Impire which is not necessarily bad, but not a game like DK.
Oct 3, 2012
London, United Kingdom
In terms of selection, I think the hand tool MUST maintain this feature from DKII.
I thought it was a fine little nick for whenever you picked up a creature via the creature bar, the first to be picked up were not the ones you'd most recently scanned over, so you could pick up any others, whilst leaving the others to the work you gave them.
Was I a bit warbling, there?
If anyone can understand what I said, I think this is an essential.
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