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Meet Underlord Shale - Chaos Incarnate!

Jan 29, 2016
A huge focus on beasts (and even spawning the variants from the Crucible), and more limited options for traps. Dunno if this is intentional, but Shale looks like a throwback to the first Dungeon Keeper (aside the Moongate of course), where building traps wasn't as organized like in DK2 and WftO, and most of the monsters where freaks of nature like giant spiders and there where less humanoid minions.

There are also two things that caught my eye but are not mentioned:
  1. In the screenshot of Shale's Veins of Evil, I noticed 5 interesting construct icons. One is the obviously the new Mana Vault, and 3 are probably new icons for already existing ones (Underminer, Outpost, Ember Rift). However, the one that is a Worker head with a arrow (near the Prophecy Spell) intrigues me. Is it a Construct that's a alternative to increase your number of Workers? Or something that boosts them?
  2. In the screenshot of the Mana Vault, if I'm not mistaken, I noticed a door made of purple energy. Could this be the return of the Magic Door from Dungeon Keeper? If it is, it's like Dungeon Keeper 1, where it was almost invunerable to regular attacks but weak to magic? Or it's like Dungeon Keeper 2, where it retaliated against enemies? Or it's something completely different?
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