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More Intuitive Creature Panel

May 24, 2013
From what I've seen, a fair number of players would agree that the current creature panel is less then ideal. It manages to provide all the relevant information in a way that is difficult to click through, and makes your head hurt just looking at the creature numbers and trying to line them up with the lvl #, happiness, etc on the left side. I almost never use it which is a shame because it could be very useful.

My proposal is simple: Show small versions of the minion "flowers" for every creature in the panel. Instead of looking at lots of numbers while your trying to pick up a single guy, you would see the flower which shows health, lvl of minion, and happiness in its shape all at the same time, the same way it is above minions heads onscreen. Wouldn't that be so much easier to look at and find what you want?

I have no knowledge of Unity, but as the engine generates these images already, there should be a way to link them to the creature panel, right?



Dev Team
Nov 18, 2011
Well in the unit panel each number greater than 1 represents a couple or many units.
So how would you show just one Unit shield for say 5 Necromancers at XP level 3?
May 24, 2013
I'm saying there could be 5 seperate shields. Each creatures shield would be there. They'd be smallish, but still easier to recognize then the current numbers.
Aug 18, 2015
I use the creature panel quite often, especially when I sort them after their Levels.

And If I want to look at certain creaturs, I have a group for them and look there. (Open extra information, it looks like ">>")

Haveing an extra shild would be too much, because you can have max. 60 creatures with only 1 portal. And I often have 10-20 Gnarlings
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Lord of Riva

The Lord
Dec 29, 2012
This would mereloy cluster up the UI, it will be way worse than it is.

Seriously, compared to other RTS or managment games the UI is quite extensive in what it shows. the detail is already massive.
In our case it hink it is well thought out (naturally nothing is perefect) but i do not see how anyone would benefit through your idea.

im imagining a massive infomration overload for the end user.
But if you are able to, feel free to make a (quick, cheap) MS Paint mock up of your ideas so that i can get a better picture of what you mean
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