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Moustaches + Charity!


WFTO Founder
Oct 22, 2012
Canterbury, Kent
So uh, it's completely off-topic, but hey, that's what this part of the forum's for, right?

I'm taking part in Movember.
The idea is to raise money for the Prostate Cancer and Cancer Research charities, and to raise awareness about mens health, by growing a moustache (No beards allowed), and you have to be clean-shaven at the beginning of the month.

I've been taking part for the last 3 years, but I'm no good at growing moustaches, and people keep using that as an excuse not to sponsor me.
This year I'm trying extra hard, and have decided not to allow people use that excuse any more... so I've made sure I have a moustache!

Please sponsor me for looking like a fool for the rest of the month at http://mobro.co/Eeketh

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