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MP Friends on steam (for wfto)

Oct 2, 2015
I'm sure I'm not the only one has a hard time getting Multi Player games, can anyone who feels the same add me steam name Adxundead. and or leave your name if you want the same. Also if there's a list here somewhere please link for me, thanks
Live in Australia
Aug 18, 2015
Not sure how to add you, but my name is elfinn3. I would love to get some game time in against another real human being!
Hi Jeriemi Finn

Since this post was published, I tried to make the Multiplayer more alive or got an Multiplayer Community running.
Here's the official Multiplayer Group, if you have interest (btw, you would need a Steam-Account)

It works that way, just look for a Player who is online, add him, arange a match.
After that you can delete him from the friend list. It isn't unpolite, so no need to have a bad feeling about that.
I hope that will help you ;)

Btw, you will find Adx there as well, he is Moderator of this group
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