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Help! Multiple problems with MightyScript


Apr 4, 2015

After I gave up on map editor many years ago, I recently wanted to give it another try.
I'm trying to create a custom campaign but the map editor and the mighty script still giving me a hard time with similar issues from years ago.
In addition to all the problems mentioned below, sometimes the UI doesn't load when I get back to the editor from testing, forcing me to quit the game.
Giving me cold feet every time. I'm about to give up again.

In my very small first level, there are 2 sappers who should be digging through all the gold and you must kill them before all the gold runs out.
Current problems which I can't solve are;
  • Sappers stop digging after the second created dig path.
  • Sappers do not claim tiles (may be related to empire not having a core, I'm not sure)
  • Slap count script doesn't apply the condition and even a random right click anywhere on the map triggers the count. Doesn't even have to be a slap.
  • Some objectives still pop up, even though they're toggled off upon completion and there are no other scripts re-enabling them.
  • "Is achievement" images don't pop up
  • Most importantly, multiple "Finish level" scripts are not triggering. I tried both "custom game" and "scenario" modes with no winning conditions etc.
Could somebody please take a look at my editing files and see if they figure out what's wrong or if I'm missing something or scripting in a wrong way
The map is set to no fog of war and at %200 speed for testing purposes.

The map edit files can be found on this here;

Side question: Is there an option for script conditions to set either "AND" or "OR" meaning requiring all conditions to be met or one of them to trigger action?
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Dec 8, 2012
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Hi Erke,

So very quickly I've not tried out your maps yet or looked at your editor files. There's a few things I can answer immediately:

  1. Sappers cannot claim tiles, only workers can so that's just a feature. Give the empire some workers and they'll claim and forify as normal.
  2. I replied to your slap count topic on Userecho, It worked in my testing but I think it might be based of a specific condition. Couldn't replicate right clicking also triggering it.
The rest will require me to look into your map so I'll see if I can check in with our coder on how I can do that :p


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