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My Pet Dungeon Snowhope help

Jun 28, 2012
So for those of you who have been enjoying the MPD levels as I have, has anyone made it to this level yet? If so, what are your tips to actually handle the onslaught of enemies in that dungeon? Ive explored the map, made my dungeon, found the gold shrine and perception shrine, and have a good number of units, but nothing comes close to countering the sheer army there, and I cant find a decent way to lure them out of hiding to pick them off.
I mean hell, they have each of the final summon enemies on top of everything else.
Jun 28, 2012
Well, an hour later and Ive started to make small bits of progress, though I dont see how this mission could be possible without using any kind of gold cheats.
Anyway. Ive blown up the enemy wall on the side with the gold shrine, and by placing a portcullis near the beginning of the pathway in, have begun luring the occasional enemy or two onto my own territory, where after a few doses of lightning, have them KOd for my imps to drag home and convert.
Its slow going, but I have about 5 more enemies to convert and 50/100 enemies killed, so soon I should have the base emptied enough that my forces can move in for the prisons.
May 11, 2017
United Kingdom
I'm on Snowhope myself at the minute, and while I agree that the fort can look a little intimidating at the beginning, its certainly not unassailable. My Pet Dungeon is a far more relaxed experience than the campaign levels, and unless you unleash a wave from the gateway yourself, they're quite content to remain up there. Provided you don't expand too quickly you should have enough gold around your core to fund your early endeavours. I then started supplementing my income with frequent avarice rituals.

Next I used Prophecy, Outposts and the construction ritual to secure the 3 shrines, and with the vision from the perception shrine, used replacement earth and construction again to wall off my side of the bridge flush. I then built a defensive emplacement of my own behind that wall before mining it back out.

Since then I've been chewing out the occasional minion that ventures across, as well as any waves I summon. Together with a prison and the blood money spell I have more gold than I know what to do with.

I find the level 7 wave is the best for when I need a quick gold boost. 3 Sappers, 2 Gnarlings, 2 Chunders, 2 Crackpots and 2 Witch Doctors. The 3 Sappers just die, but the rest becomes 66686 gold with blood money.

While doing this I've been building my forces, but I imagine when I do invade it will be a one sided slaughter.
Aug 17, 2016
After reading the posts, I replayed the map. This time, I used Underminers to get into the forge on the right side, also lining the area with bombards on the single tile path. Before digging through, I also used a Well of Souls to decrease the enemies on the other side of the wall. I didn't open up the main bridge until I started taking over the enemy dungeon from the side. One odd thing I've noticed is that I'm notified that I've rescued 6 heroes on the score panel, even though I haven't gotten them all by the time the notification comes through
Jun 28, 2012
Yeah I was eventually able to make it through that mission. I need to get better at making use of the rituals and spells like Fudge suggested.
I basically just kept luring enemies out of the lair on the right with a portcullis that they wanted to break, zapped them out cold, then converted them. This continued for a long time until I could begin slowly creeping into the fortress proper and take over room by room until I surrounded the central chamber. The 6 heroes and lightning also helped to round up the Titans when I was able to properly pull them.

Also I agree Ryan, Hell's Deep was a blast. is there a way to take over those possession dungeons once beaten? I got a couple that I could get an outpost into but a majority like the labyrinth were covered :/
Apr 17, 2014
Snowhope wasn't too bad for me (aside from lag). For my strategy, I took time to level up my units, making sure that most of them reached level 5 or beyond. While training more units, I summoned the Archon for laying siege upon the enemy. After enough preparation, I attacked from the enemy dungeon from the sides (either left or right). I gradually picked off enemy units with my army, and then destroyed the large defenses set up at the dungeon's entrance from behind.
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