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Published My second map 4 Player Competition (Unholy Land)


Jun 4, 2016
Hello everyone this is my second map this map is a 4 Player Competition map the only way to the other Player is the Center of this map u can find only one Gateway on this map this Gateway is also in the middle of the Map with an Manashrine and is protected by Empire Heroes u can find neutral minions for some Specific Rooms for excample Sukkubus or Beast master. it would be Great to get some tipps or Suggestions for my map
Have a nice Competition.

Hello Underlord you landed in a stressed situation there are three other Lords in this realm but only one gateway you should haste to get this Gateway before one of the other lords can get this but be careful i heard there are some Heroes to protect this Gate good luck underlord

4 Player competition map
-1 Gateway
-special rooms
-neutral minions
-neutral Bridges
-balanced (every Player have same place artefacts special rooms and neutral minions)

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