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My suggestions

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Feb 2, 2016
Ideas from 23/6/2016:

Hello evreryone, a long time has passed since my last post, but now I am happy to be back with a new suggestion. as you may notice, this post is quite gigantic, since I like to stick all of my ideas together in one post, so I will be able to balance them all together, and ofcource, this will allow them to be seen once more by other members, if you guys do not wish to see my older ideas, then simply avoid scrolling down, I will always mark the end of the last update, so you wont accidently expose your eyes to all of this ancient nonsenes of mine. as allways, I apolegies for the huge opening, and for my terrible english :)

Game mechanics:


The former versions of Dungeon Keeper all had this wonderful function in one way or another, that allows your creatues (or your enemies) to directly destroy enemy rooms, by doing so, creatures maneged to free captives allies for prisons,torture chambers, and arenas. they maneged to cripple enemy dungeon`s economy, by destroying treasuries, and other valuble rooms, and stealing the abandoned gold, and ofcoures, destroying an enemy`s lair, means no second chance will be given to hes creatures, once they fall in battle. imagine how much potential pillaging can have, now that we have alchemy labs with stored potions, and sanctuaries with prolonged ritual times.

So, how do I think we should introduce this function into the game:

First, a pillage order in my opinion should be executed by underlord in a form of a flag, like the worker priority flag. an altrenative to this method could be a spell, like the unclaim spell, that allow a vast area in that map to be instantly tagged. the coollest option in my opinion will be by simply clicking on the desired target, since clicking on enemy rooms at the moment serves no function as far as I know.

The ability to pillage, should be in relation to which room is pillaged, and who pillages it. the pillaging act should not end in the sole destruction of the room, but also in small bonuses (or sometime large ones) who could be achived by a specific creature who pillages the room. generaly, most of your creatures should not be able to totally destroy a room, but rather vandalise it. the price of repair for a vandalised room should be rather small, and even symbolic.

Now that we get the general idea, I will now describe acording to my humble opinion, whice creature should do what to each room:

Generaly, the creatures that can totaly destroy rooms will be augers, and juggernauts. upon the destruction of the room by these creatures, "room wrecks" and gold will be left, those could be then collected by your imps. the process of pillaging should take some time for the auger and hes heroic counterpart, an altrenative will be the ember demon, the ember demon when reaching hes target room, will detonate himself, totaly destroy a large part of the room, damaging all creatures (allies and foes) in the blast radius, and will ofcourse kill himself in the process. no gold nor room parts should be left after the blast. drunked heroic dwarfs should be able to throw molotovs at rooms, achiving the same effect like the ember demon, only in a much smaller scale, with less collateral damage. The act of destroying rooms should be reffered to "demolishing", rather then pillaging for obvious reasons, and units who can demolish rooms, will from now on reffered to as "Demolishers"

Demolishers should be able to demolish every room.

Demolishers should be allowed to use their demolishing techniques to deal higher damage to traps.

The demolish order, and the pillage, should be seperated orders. (meaning it will have seperate spells/flags/clicks and such)

Lair: Beds can wrecked by all of your creatures, preventing enemies from using them. creatures will not be dragged to destroyed beds, living creatures can repair their own bed free of charge.

Slaughter Pen: Every creature can enter an enemy slaughterpen, and eat the enemies food supply if not in combat, doing so will slightly heal the creature. this should be done automaticly, and is not considered pillaging. the act of pillaging the Slaughter Pen will destroy the small huts in the middle, free a few piglets who could be eaten by the pillagers, and prevent further pigs from spawning until the slaughter pen will be repaired.

Treasury: Treasuries could be robbed by every enemy automaticly, without any pillaging order, but for their own pockets. executing a pillaging on a treassury will encurage your imps to rush into the enemy treassury, and steal the gold back your own treassury.

Tavern: almost the same effects like the slaughter pen, but with a tiny wicked twist: Enemies visiting Taverns with no relation to any pillaging order could throw knocked out enemies into the grinder, and eat their flesh. slightly healing themselves.

Archive: every minion working in the archive will be able to steal a Sin from its owner. (if he has one avalabile) all creatures can wreck the book cases, preventing further reaserch.

Barracks: Not much in mind, the dummies could be vandalised by everyone, preventing training. (cooler ideas will be welcomed!)

Workshop: A pillaging order, will encurage imps to steal trap parts from enemy workshop. workshop workers could cripple workshops, and prevent enemies from using it. Demolishing the workshop will spawn small lava pools who will vanish with time, these pools will damage all creatures who touch it.

Beast Den: Beast Dens could be used by enemy beast freely to recover, no need for a pillage order in this case. (will allow an extended form of coraporation between allies!)

Arena: An arena could not be demolished before it is pillaged. creatures pillaging an arena will destroy the support beams, holding the pit, causing it to cave in, and crush any unlucky gladiators who where present in the pit. allies could be freed only by beast masters and the huntress. beast masters/Huntress would be able to free allies, and enemies, freed enemies have a 50% chance to turn on their former master and become neutral once freed. nearby knoked out enemies would be throwed into the pit, and then crushed in the cave in. only demolishers can cave in an arena. seeing their enemies crushed alive will raise the moral of your creatures, drastictly raising their happiness, and it will apply the rage spells buff on them.

Guard post (Hope I named it right..): Guard posts could only be vandalised by demolishers, doing so will shut down its defensive effect. guard posts could be demolished only after they are pillaged. guard post are very hard for pillaging.

Sanctuary: when marked for pillaging creatures who have the ability to pray in the sanctuary, would be able after a short channeling time to steal a ready ritual from the enemy, and at the same time cast a delay on ritual activation on enemy sanctuaries. normal creatures will destroy the ritual path, canceling the chanelling, casting a delay on ritual activation, and prevent further usage of the vandalised sanctuary untill it is fixed.

Alchemy lab: Could be marked for pillaging, and then be robbed by imps. if demolished, will cause an explosion, that will cause heavy damage to all nearby walls, creatures, structures, and traps. (Yes, you could mark your own rooms for pillaging, YES, it will be an epic booby trap XD)

Torture Chamber: All creatures will be able to free captives at the torture chamber, freed captives have a 50% to turn neutral once liberated. (yes, your minions might turn on you for letting them being tortured at the first place, same goes for the arena).nearby knocked out enemies will be draged by your creatures onto the devices, and set on fire, seeing their enemies burn will raise the moral of your creatures, drastictly raising their happiness, and it will apply the rage spells buff on them.

Crypt: Necromancers, undead minions. and their heroic counterpart can freely raise corpses from enemy crypts without any need for a pillaging order. normal minions can vandalise the tombs, preventing further use of them until they are repaired.

Spirit Chamber: Witch Doctors will be able to chanal the energy from the spirit chamber and attract a spirit, with a random level from each pedestal. pedestals who where drained from their power could not be used by their owner anymore.

Prison: Prisons marked for pillaging will be liberated, prisoners will have a 50% chance to turn neutral. vampires could free devour prisoners in enemy prisons, with a priority to enemy captives.

Bridge: Demolishers can demolish bridges.

Portals: Can be totally demolished by demolishers

Dungeon hearts: could be robbed of their gold, witch doctors can channel away mana from dungeon hearts, turning them into small mana shrines, denying further creation of imps. (A fun way to enslave and humiliate underlords.)

The remains of dungeon hearts, inhibitors, broken hero gates, and such can be also demolished to dust.

The hellfire potion, and the underminer both should have demolishing abilities.

A little bit of counter-play:

the aura from the guard post does not allow the pillaging of neaby rooms, and are significly harder to pillage, they will act as a barrier, which must be destroy before you manage to destroy the enemy dungeon.

The quick freeze potion, when throwed on a room, will defend a room from pillaging for a while.

Frost weavers slow down any nearby attempts for pillaging.

And for a small bonus: after a good pillage/demolishing session, creatures will have a chance of leaving a banner or a flag of sort, marking their work.

Thats it for now, took me quite a lot of thought and time to finish this, I hope you guys will find this idea apealing, feel free raise any new ideas/thoughts/improvments. credit is promised :D

Thank you for your time.

**End of post from 23/6/2016**


As of now, the game already has quite a bounch of new interesting terrain compared to the old DK versions, which is quite awsome, and I think that adding additional kinds of terrain to the game will make it even more interesting:

Snow blocks: Already familliar with from DKI, Snow will be simply a white block, who can be easly destroyed by imps like sand, would be interesting if room/claimed wall texture be slightly blue when created on a snow block.

Snow Path: The flat version of the snow block, should slighty slow creatures down a bit. will give small buffs to ice based creatures, and debuffs to fire based ones. its claimed version should apear slighty blue.

Ice Block: A stronger version of the snow block, can function as a impenetratable rock, or as a very strong wall who takes time to be destroyed. should look rather transpharent, and have similar effects like snow blocks on texture.

Ice Path: The flat version of the ice block, will apear transfarent, and cause creatures to slighty slip on it while walking. will damage fire based creatures, and buff ice based creatures, ice paths will not be claimable, and bridges will be needed to cross them properly.

Blood: Already exists as "Raskos Blood", will be fantastic if it will be useble in the map editor

Sand paths: The path that should remain after digging a sand block, will slighty slow creatures, its claimed version should apear slighty yellow.

Marble: A durable block who apear in a smooth white shiny color, will be perfect for decorating hero dungeons, should have a flat version, and its claimed versions should apear in the corresponding color.

Swamp/Dirty water: A diry version of water who will apear green, and have a rather viscous pattern, will emit green fumes, flies, and ocasionally remains of slayed creatures should be found in it.

Acid: An even more contaminated version of the swamp, will damage creatures stepping in it like lava, will emit strong colored green fumes, and emit disturbing "digestion-like" sounds.

Scorched earth: a dirt tile will with burning marks and ocasional scattered embers, and random flames, its claimed version should apear darker then normal, and should slightly buff fire based creatures, and debuff ice based demons.

Flaming path: simply a flaming path, will be perfect for decorating a fire themed level, will damage creatures if pushed thoward it.

Metal ore: A block containing metal ores, simillar to gold ores, only with iron. will be significly harder to dig though, and will be probelly better destroyed using an underminer. metal should be used in a special room, or add bonuses to already existing rooms.

Gemstone: A better version of gold, gems will be used the same like gold for the same propose, will be hard to dig, and worth more. will apear shiny and colorful, will be interesting to see different kinds of gemstones. will be more interesting if gems could be used to add a temporary buff to devices in different rooms, empower rituals and poition, be consume for mana, or any anything els creative.


I will post suggestions here both for new rooms, and improvments for existing ones.




Used by: Vampires

bloodied walls and room tiles, knifes and disection tools attached to the walls, a bloodied bed with iron shakles, jars of organs taken out from victims, and a massive blood tank at the corner of the room.

Functions: Drop a creature on the bed to shakle him, until a vampire comes in to start abuse the victime. vampires will enter the room, and execute creatures on the table, and by doing so they will satisfy their hunger for the living. after that, vampires will use their unique abilities to transport the victime`s blood into the giant blood tank in the corner. after that, the blood could be transported to the alchemy lab,to create healing potions, that the underlord will be able to drop on hes creatures to heal them. corpses from the crypt could be used the same like living prisoners, but they will donate much less blood, and they will not satisfy the vampires apitite for living flesh. after taking out the final drop of blood from its victim, the vampire will dismember, and abuse the cadaver until a deformed pile of flesh will remain, which will be useble in the grinder at the tavern, such a special meal will heal your creatures, make them happier, and will fill their apetite for much longer then normal piglet flesh. The blood potions could also be used as food, by droping it into the tavern`s grinding, providing extra healing and happines bonuses. the remains from the abused corpse could ofcource be returned back to the crypt. when such deformed remains will be raised by necromancers, a new kind of undead minion will be raised, called an abomination, a massive deformed pile of flesh that will serve as a tankier and stronger undead minion for the necromancer to use.

Additional notes: the blood extracted from the prisoner stand in coleration with hes level, the stronger the prisoner is, the more blood it shell donate.

Blood potions could be used to feed vampires, the amount of blood from weak prisoner might not satisfy the vampire for to long, but the amount of blood a stronger prisoner holds should do the trick.

Teleportion Chamber:

: 2000 gold, 200 mana points blocked for each complete room, will need a special ritual to be set active.

Apearence: A pool of clear water, with floating crystal pillars, and glowing encryptions on the bottom of the pool, walls will containe storage sockets who will store a bounch of more floating crystals with the simillar style of the ones at the ground, surrounding the pool.

Requirements: 3 by 3, enlargement beyond shouldnt provide any additional effects. needs to have another Teleportation chamber on the map to conect to.

Attracts: none

Function: A room that will act as a bridge between two distant parts of your dungeon, usually after claiming an enemy dungeon, using hes rooms and hes portals becomes quite troublesome, since enemies can easly pick off your creatures wandering between your dungeons dungeons, not to mention how annoying it is to loose your veterans for the same reasons, simply becauce they really wanted to reach that new full slaughter pen at the other end of the map. this room comes here to solve this problem, by building two of these rooms at different sides of the map, underlords will allow a quick safe passage for minions between 2 dungeons. altrenatively, it could be abused when trying to conquer enemy dungeons, by providing a quick escape for imps and retreating creatures. each teleportation chamber must be activated with a special ritual for it to work, so the teleportation chamber cannot be placed suddenly anywhere on the map and be activated at will, not to mention that holding more then one of these is a terrible cost to an underlords mana pool. the teleportation room has a natural defence against enemies trying to abuse it for their use, although, random enemies can attempt to try and brake the natural barriers of the room, simply by attacking the floating pillars around it, if they manage to do so, not only they gain free entrance into your base, the distruction of the room (both by the owner and hes enemies) casts a temporary negative buff to its owners mana, like a prolonged avarice ritual, which puts the owner of the room in a great disadvantage, so the strategic use of this room in war can easly backfire at its user, if not used carefully.

Suggestions for improving the Tavern:

The idea its of the tavern is really awsome, and fits perfectly to the whole idea of beast, and humanoid minions that the underlord can now attract, but sadly it has not provided enough for underlords, to be actually used in competative play, thats why I will like to propose a few changes to the room:

humanoid creatures (those attracted from the portal and heros) should be forced to use the room when present, starving creatures should still use the slaughter pen in order to avoid perishing by hunger (a feature who should be implented) but they will still consider themselves hungry, until they recive a proper meal.

The grinder at the tavern should be allowed to use all kinds of ingrindients, like potions, corpses, (the blood potion from the Butchery who was suggested earlier) positive potion effects like work alot potions will provide a steady, small, slow realse effect to minions feeding on its served meals for a fixed period of time. corpses will be used as "top notch" meals, who will raise your minions happiness or payment for the meal.

The tavern should be allowed to change a status like the DKII casino, the meals could be served for free in order to increace happiness, or for gold, until your creatures will run out of it, and start rioting.

Thats it for now, I have many more suggestion, but my time is short, and I have to go, I will make sure to update the post regulary if you guys will like my ideas, and I hope you will, thank you for reading, and have a nice day :D

8/02/2016 new suggestions:

creature suggestion:

Name: Incubus/Revenant

Type: Undead

Job: Scouting, Possessing selected enemies.

Attraction/Related room: Torture Chamber and Spirit Chamber


The incubus is a mixture of spirits chained to the underworld as a result of the agony and pain they have gone through in torture chambers around the underworld. mainly used as a powerful wepone of choice by underlords, an incubus will be used to chain an enemy minion`s spirit to the will of a greedy underlord who craves hes loyalty. After succesfully agonizing three victims in your torture room and chaining their spirits in your dungeon, pick the fleshless creatures up, and drop them on an empty podium in the Spirit Chamber to imbue their spirits to that specific tile, at this point you will be able to choose to drop a creature on the imbued tile and the creature will then recive experience like he normaly should. If you choose not to do so, after a while a witch doctor should apear and perform hes magic, and as a result a shadowy masculine figure should apear, that will be the incubus. the incubus will remain on the podium as long as no one disturbs him, once picked up and droped into your dungeon, it should wander around aimlessly in enemy dungeons, serving as a scout. as he will roam outsite the spirit chamber, he will slowly loose health which cannot be restored with your heal spell, so it will be wise to keep him trapped on a spirit chamber`s tile, so he will not vanish before fulfiling hes role. once the incubus will apear in your dungeon, a new spell will be unlocked in your spell bar, named "haunt", cast the spell on an enemy unit, to attract all of your incubus minions to that unit and attempt to posses the enemy. an incubus is normaly hidden from the enemie`s eye, but for a short moment before rushing into the victims body, the incubus will be reveal himself, and will become vulnerable to enemy spells, but not physical attacks. after succefuly entering a victim`s body, the incubus will be consumed, in order to form a spiritual shackle who binds the victims flesh to an underlords will. the victim will behave normaly, and will still officialy belong to its original master, but at the same you will also have the ability to pick the victim up, and conveniently drop him on a torture device for example if you wish. if the haunted victim somehow falls in battle, and gets dragged back to its former master`s dungeon, the victim will be dragged into a prison instead of a lair. the former master then can drop the victim into the spirit chamber, witch doctors will then be able to perform an exorcism spell, and banish the incubus`s influence away forever, such a creature will become immue to further harrasment from the undead. if the victim happens to step in hes former master`s dungeon, he could be simply picked up and dropped in a spirit chamber, and then quickly be cured by a witch doctor, so it is wise to unleash your incubus on a target who is correctly stationed in your dungeon. an incubus, like a spirit can still be dropped on a creature in the spirit chamber, and donate the total experience from all the three spirits from which the incubus is made.

Notes: Incubus cannot be trained, and it doesnt require payement, food, a lair, or any other kind of service, since its an undead, it can be picked up and slapped though.

Hoped you liked the idea, share your thoughts, thanks for reading and have a nice day :D
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Feb 2, 2016
So many ideas! Bravo.
Thank you sir, I was afraid that I might have displeased the eyes of the community with my barrage of ideas, or maybe even with its content!

I will allow myself to remind you all, that I make sure to mark the end of every page of content I add acording to the date it was added, if you dont feel like reading the entire book, take a look at the latest update!


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Dec 9, 2012
Great ideas, i would love to see some of these things added, especially tilesets and the pillaging idea. But keep adding, the devs sometimes use juicy information like this into some new juicy content. :)
Feb 2, 2016
Great ideas, i would love to see some of these things added, especially tilesets and the pillaging idea. But keep adding, the devs sometimes use juicy information like this into some new juicy content. :)
Thank you! I will definetly add more when time will allow so, some feedback from a dev would be wonderful!
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