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Need a mutator, that disables the entry of preset creatures in the population cap.


Apr 4, 2015
Need a mutator that disables the entry of preset creatures in the limit population.

Now if in the map editor to give Underlord creatures - they will affect the population limit. That is, I placed, for example, 2 cultist and 2 of necromancer in the game this will cause their weight to decrease the limit of creatures, attracted by the portals (by the way, somehow affects and beast den, even if you have only a rational being - reduced limit and beasts; you are requested to check, it looks like a bug).

It is sometimes uncomfortable. Please, give me a mutator that disables this rule. In this case, pre-installed units will not reduce the limit of population. And their death will not increase it.

This mutator will allow you to create more interesting maps with lots of creatures.
For example, maps with many hidden sentinels (especially since there is a mutator that prohibit the spell "recall"), where the limit is not equal to creatures in the game 0 (i.e. 100% involved, and of the portals and of the beast den, nobody comes), and customary limit is the population. And with the death of these predetermined, time - limit will not change.
I beg you to make such a mutator.
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