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(Neutral Beast)- White Prowler

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Jan 7, 2012
There arent enough inhuman suggestions, so I try to do something against it :)
White prowlers are dangerous predators of the underworld, their origin my lead to a masterpiece of a magican who experiemented with chimeras. Due to that fact, white prowlers posses exotic magic abbilitys.
Highlight: White Prowlers are neutral pack animals which can kill off your imps pretty fast if you penetrate their territorium.
Faction: Neutral hostile
Type: Beast
Role: blitzer
Acquired By: Dont know how we will able to convert neutral beasts, so it will be in the same way obtainable as the bloodling-through torture.
Basic Attack: moderate melee damage through beating and claws.
Offensive Power: moderate
Defensive Power: low
Resistances: weak against poison and fire, strong against ice
Movement: Fast
Special Needs: food
Maneater: The prowler bites has a constant damage bonus against humanoids.
Easy prey: Prowlers attack the weakest unit in their sight at first, stopping only their attcks until the target is death, to move to second weakest enemy.
Growl: The prowler growls, making light hearted units flee.
moderate cooldown
Mistform: The white prowler fades to mist and shifts through doors to charge his prey even further.
moderate cooldown
Flash: The white prowler focusses on an unlucky target and leaps forward in his mistform, dealing moderate electric damage at the moment of rematerealizing and blinds the target for a short moment. long cooldown

Appearance: like a white furred crossbreed between a lion and a mandrill:

Likes: food
Dislikes: being hungry and imps
Behaviour: Before being converted the prowler will hang out in groups, attacking other beasts and units at sight as long as they look tasty - neutral to ghosts and similar uneatable units.
After conversion, the prowler will move to the beastpit and lifes there like aregular beast unit.

Ben Chandler

Impassibly Cool
WFTO Backer
Jan 23, 2013
I really like this... Interesting design, not sure about the skull club. But like the almost tribal feel... Match for the necromancer lol

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
Mistform: The white prowler fades to mist and shifts through doors to charge his prey even further.
moderate cooldown
this ability is annoying.

---> if it is used against me while i cant defend myself (im at a battle at the moment ) or my creatures have pay day or something.
then it will come through m,y doors to kill my imps (as the weakest units) yay

---> if it is my unit then i do not want it to go to the enemy dungeon to get killed for an imp (doors may be there for a reason ;) )

dont like the mandrill look but thats just opinion

-----> neutral unit
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