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[Neutral Creature] Fire Elemental

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Feb 9, 2012
Name: Fire Elemental

Appearance image: a humanoid creature composed of fire and smoke, with a molten-rock like armor on his upper body and face. these images are ONLY for inspiration.

The flame atronach from the game morrowind:
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-f9gHJgybNnw/TWgdSFwg62I/AAAAAAAAApo/fx6HQHALAWY/s1600/Morrowind 2011-02-25 13-33-09-45.jpg

Health: average
Armor: low
Movement Speed: fast
Attack strength: average
Attack speed: above average
Intelligence: n/a
Construction: n/a
Training Rate: average
Training Cost: high
Wage: high
Gender: male

1: melee - basic melee punch, but dealt as fire damage
1: molten armor - (passive) melee attacks dealt to fire elemental will deal fire damage to attacker. this damage increases with each level.

4: blind fury - hurls out fire balls at an alarming rate in front of himself for 10 seconds, hitting multiple targets. they deal moderate fire damage at medium range. this ability is channeled and any damage will disrupt it. short cooldown.

6: recklessness - the fire elemental encases himself in a fiery vortex/shell and runs into the enemies. the shell deals moderate damage to everyone with a small radius. it also boosts the elemental's damage by 25%. this effect lasts for 15 seconds or until the shell is broken. long cooldown.
7: smoke screen - the elemental Sucrets a large amount of smoke from his body, with a large radius. all units within it take 70% less damage from ranged abilities. the smoke screen lasts 15 seconds. moderate cooldown.
8: inner fire - he hurls a large fireball at an enemy, dealing high fire damage and low splash damage. this takes 5 seconds to cast. low cooldown.

10: Born of flames - (passive) when the elemental's health reaches 0 he becomes untargetable and casts for 10 seconds after which he sends out a nova of high fire damage within a moderate radius. after this he respawns in place at level 1.
10: Flames waves - The fire elemental releases 3 flame waves (one after the other) that go out in all directions. The waves deal average damage and light low-mid level creatures on fire for 10 seconds. The fire elemental will need about 8 or so seconds to charge this ability, if he is attacked during the charging process then the attack is aborted and cannot be resumed until the cool down wares off. The cool down is long.

Weaknesses/Resistances: being made of fire, he has a natural weakness to water-based attacks and creatures. he is completely immune to fire attacks.

Information: a creature of fire and destruction, he roams freely deep beneath the peaceful surface, wreaking havoc and reveling in his own chaos. while on their own they can be a hazard, aligned with an evil keeper, they find the means to increase their power and are given a vicious outlet for their need to destroy. so naturally, they are not likely to join heroes. sadly, there is a chance these fiery deviants will be hostile to even you.

Appearance: a humanoid creature composed of fire and smoke, with a molten-rock like armor on his upper body and face. his eyes burn like embers with smoke rising from them. smoke also rises from his shoulders and trails in his path.

Behavior in Dungeon: the fire elemental is an arrogant and short tempered creature. he joins you only because your evil ways allow him an outlet for his destructive nature, and of course gives him the means to strengthen himself.
left his own devices he will train extensively, only to inflate his ego and gain in strength. while his fiery temper and need for violence is quite apparent, he does enjoy such things as gambling and if there is a casino/pub type room, he will spend small amounts of time there but will remain distanced from other creatures, unless they are fire based. if fire based or destructive he may follow them for very brief periods for company. if no such rooms or creatures exist and he cannot train, he will sleep or seek out enemies.

Battle Style: blitzer/support. he attacks up close and afar with fireballs. he will fight till near death but will only retreat if defeat is imminent. if near death with support he'll fall back and use his ranged abilities.

Jobs: training, guards when forced to

Loves: combat will greatly up his happiness, as does the company of other fire based or destructive creatures. he somewhat enjoys gambling or relaxing alone.

Hates: he hates water based creatures, but tolerates their presence for short amounts of time. he despises heroes and peaceful creatures. he wont attack yours on sight, but if in their company for too long he will.

Anger reaction: he will not leave your dungeon, but will go straight for the dungeon heart (equivalent) and vandalize your dungeon while attacking all creatures in his way.

Lair: a fiery rune on the floor. he hovers above this in silent meditation.

Obtainable By: neutral.

Attracted by: neutral. but he enjoys training rooms.

How Introduced: mid game most likely.

Note: The fire elemental will die when his health hits 0, you can't imprison him. When he dies his body falls to smoke.

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Earth will be posted as well...I just need to work on him....WORK ON HIM!!! BLARRRRG!!!!
Likes: dagoth_ethan
Feb 10, 2012
this unit is pretty sweet. its abilities are quite fitting for a being of flame, and its behavior is how i'd imagine a fire elemental. i like how they are all destructive (aside from level 7) and you have both ranged and melee abilities. its level 10 abilities are also awesome ;D
-should raise his training cost though i think, to high.
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