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[Neutral Creature] Triloscythe

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Dwarven Worker
Nov 15, 2011
Triloscythe are hulking, thick-shelled creatures with about as much elecricity in their brains to power a rather tiny LED. In other words, they are very simple primitive creatures. They can't manage anything much beyond eating and defending themselves, and even then, their defenition of defending themsleves is probably closer to just standing still until attackers wear themselves down and collapse in exhaustion.

In case it isn't clear, the Triloscythe is the penultimate tanking unit. They are little more than a mass of dumb-meat, sea-food variaty, covered in a thick external shell.

They do have two small, scythe-like slashing pincers toward the front of their bodies but if they managed to do significant harm to anything with them you can be assured it was probably accidental.

If they aren't eating, they generally congregate in shallow water and simply sit there shuffling about. When in water their rate of healing is increased by almost double.

Health: Very High
Attack: Low
Armour: Moderate
Dexterity: Low
Speed: Low
Training Rate: Low
Training Cost: None
Torture Rate: Very, Very slow
Recovery: Medium-Low (Medium-High in water)
Wage: Medium-Low (Strangely they do collect o_O )
Intelligence: Abysmal
Unit Type: Neutral
Gender: Unknown

Prospective Skills
Level 1 ~ Melee
A basic melee attack.

Passive Effects
Water Healing
Heal rate increases 50% in water.
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