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[Neutral|Trap/Creature] Fogbeasts

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Dec 30, 2012
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Preface: The Fog Beast (a working title) essentially is supposed to be a neutral-hostile entity (a.k.a. creep) that can be used by mapmakers to block of selected areas. For instance, one could place the rift in such a manner that the resulting fog and the dangers contained within would block the more direct route between the Dungeons of two enemy Underlords, forcing both to
a) lead their units through the danger zone, risking moderate damage
b) Take a side-route, which is longer but does not lead through danger-zone
c) Get rid of the fogbeast by destroying the core element (which should only be a reasonable option in the lategame)

The Miasma was plagiarized inspired by Mashadar/Shadar Logoth from The Wheel of Time

Lore: If an Underlord is "killed", that is, loses its Dungeon Heart, its ethereal nature usually results in it fading into a nothingness within a matter of mere minutes. Some Underlords, however, are so..determined that, even though their minds enter oblivion, the sheer evil of their essence remains in the material world, forming an entities only known as "fogbeasts". Usually clinging to the ruins of the very dungeon they once controlled, these broken spirits are driven by a terrible hunger for life and will stalk all those who would travel through their abandoned halls. The fogbeast has no physical body, instead appearing as long, tendril-shaped streams of fog that oozes from cracks in the center of the contaminated area and attacks any invader in range, weakening them with every touch.

* If no invaders are in range, the fog-beast will be passive and can only be detected by the characteristic cracks in the floor inside of its territory and the light fog that covers the latter. The territory of a fog beast can no be claimed by imps.
* If an invader enters its territory, a fog tendril will emergence from the center of the danger zone and begin to stalk the invader.
* The tendril initially moves rather slowly, giving trespasser a chance to quickly move through the danger zones without having to risk taking damage.
* The longer a trespasser remains within the danger zone, the faster the tendril becomes.
* Once it has reached its target, the head of the tendril will for a (technically) separate creature that will attack the target, dealing considerable damage, but may also be attacked by other creatures.
* If the tendril's head is killed, it will rapidly draw back to the center of the area and dissolve.
* After a short time, a new tendril will take its place.
* The central crack from which the tendril sprout can be attacked to close it. However, any hostile actions against the crack result in the spawning of multiple fog tendrils that will defend it.
* If the crack is "killed", that is, closed, all currently active tendrils will despawn and no further tendrils will appear.

Other options:
* Instead of tendrils, the central crack in the floor emits toxic vapor, dealing constant damage to all trespassers. It will still summon defensive tendrils when directly attacked.
*Instead of tendrils, small groups of undead minions are summoned. The first batch of these minions is very easy to dispatch, but the longer you stay in the danger zone, the stronger these Undead will become. Attacking the core element will result in even stronger Undead being spawned in close proximity.

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Dec 29, 2012
not sure what to say about it ... i think its good ... nothing to complain... good work ^^

Adding this under gameplay mechanics ... since its kinda everything XD if you want me to add it to specific section please pm me
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