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New Creature [Voodoist]

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Jul 31, 2012
Name Voodoist (plz help on the name...)

Who would not love to cuuurse his enemies !


Health: low
Armor: low
Movement Speed: medium/fast
Attack strength: weak
Attack speed: medium
Intelligence: High

Training Rate: slow
Training Cost: medium
Wage: medium
Gender: boy

Level 1 : Weaken [Makes an enemy creature much weaker and/or slower]
Level 4: Curse [Damage over time]
Level 7: Doll[makes a doll out of the target, can now cast spells on the enemy at all time(only he can)]
Level 10: Sacrefice [Sacrefice an allied creature : kill the dolls target ]

not sure

Information: The voodoist cannot deal any direct dammage, and is more of a "negative support" unit cursing and weakening the enemy

Appearance: Some weird guy, kinda jungle habitant or something

Behavior in Dungeon: Likes to research, pray at temple, and torture ppl

Battle Style: Support/Debuffer

Jobs: Researching/Torturing

Loves: To see pain ! Likes undead creature and torturers

Hates: not really sure

Anger reaction: Leaves dungeon and curses you for X minutes (would do a debuff or some kind, like slower magic regen for 5 minutes)

Lair: small jungle hut?

Obtainable By: Portal

Attracted by: Torture chamber + library

How Introduced: First torturer?
Not open for further replies.
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