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New Creature: Warden

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Jun 27, 2012
Name Warden.

Preface It might be nice to have an archer under your minions, it would be a first and could allow for a wide range of abilities.
The warden is not dominating like a mistress, sorceress or succubus, but is still quite feisty. She idiolises bad boys such as bandits, dark knights or even demons, devils and vampires as long as they resemble a human man who is at least somewhat attractive.
But she is not a mere admirer, she is also a fierce protector of her dungeon home and will defend it with her life. She represents the kind of women that where unhappy with their lot in life on the surface, being arranged to get married or otherwise leading a quiet life. The warden is drawn to danger and thrills, and will fight hard to keep her lifestyle.

Appearance image:

Stats: High.

Health: Average.
Armor: Low.
Movement Speed: Fast.
Attack strength: Average.
Attack speed: Average.
Intelligence: Average.
Construction: Weak.
Training Rate: Fast.
Training Cost: Average.
Wage: High.
Gender: Female.

Level 1: Melee. (short sword.)
Level 1: Arrow. (prefered weapon.)
Level 3: Poison arrow. (shoots an arrow that does poison damage over a short period of time.)
Level 5: Multi arrow. (shoots five arrows, holding the bow diagonal to hit an arc of enemies in front of her.)
Level 7: Fierce kick. (can kick enemies away that come close so that she can attack with her bow once more.)
Level 8: Crippling shot. (shoots an arrow in someone's leg to limit their movement speed for a short period of time.)
Level 10: Heart stopper. (takes her time to take a strong shot aimed at the heart which does massive damage and causes the target to fall on his/her back from the impact.)

Innate abilities:
-spot invisibility. (nothing can hide from the wardens, they can spot stealthy enemies.)
-spot traps. (wardens can spot traps, but can't disable them.)
-Rations. (carries food with her to eat when she is on guard duty, she eats like any other creature when not assigned to guard duty.)
-guard prisoners. (will watch the prisoners when not assigned elsewhere.)

Weaknesses/Resistances: weak against slashing and bludgeoning attacks, and generally quite weak in melee.

Information: The warden is a primary archer and dungeon guardian, she has good range with her bow and her wide range of special attacks with arrows make her a great supportive minion to aid your frontline fighters. Since she does need to leave her post to eat when guarding, she exels at this duty.

Due to her attraction to bad boys, she could possibly also willingly play host for the offspring of something inhuman, to create something that is half human and half something else. Like a demon or such perhaps.
This creature could kill her when it emerges.

Appearance: The picture gives a good idea of how I'd picture her apparel to be like, wearing leather armor with cloth underneath. The cloth under the brown armor should be black however, and her hair could be pitchblack and braided, her eyes being a piercing grey color, with her skin being quite pale due to the life underground.

Behavior in Dungeon: When not guarding or training, groups of Wardens will patrol through your claimed territory to make sure there are no intruders, but they will not wander off into unexplored territory. She also likes spending time with strong and intimidating male warriors, watching them train or fight in an arena or combat pit in admiration.

Battle Style: Archer. The warden uses her bow to pepper enemies with arrows from a distance and does her best to stay out of melee range. Having good movement speed, she is quite good at this but will be quick to die when cornered by strong melee enemies. She is a great defensive and support minion which can become a big nuisance to any enemy when in great numbers and surrounding them. She is quite perfect for use in an ambush from multible sides.

Jobs: Taking her job seriously, guard duty always comes first but she will train when possible. She has a little skill in research so could help out there if no better researchers are available, but is nothing great at it.

Loves: Dead enemies, seeing inprisoned enemies, strong and intimidating male warriors.

Hates: Not getting paid, clean cut heroic types such as knights in shining armor, Succubi.

Anger reaction: Simply leaves when angry.

Lair: A sleeping bag made of cloth.

Obtainable By: Creature, comes through a portal.

Attracted by: Guard post/guard room.

How Introduced: Is introduced along with the guard room, in a level where her attacks at range are needed to reach enemies that cant be reached up close.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL]

Torture: [OPTIONAL] (What does the torturer do to your Unit if it's being tortured in a torture chamber?)

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] (What would the Advisor say about this unit?)
Jan 3, 2013
Aren't there archers suggested already for the game?

If game will have a guard room, it could be used to attract archer-like creature, that will be especially good at spotting enemies and attacking them from range. I'd go for this one, unless this is already suggested by someone else.
Jun 27, 2012
Already said in the description that she'd look darker. It's quite difficult to find good pictures. This came closest to what I'd imagine the armor to look like.

Name could be changed to dungeon warden or something. Its just a name.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
Aren't there archers suggested already for the game?

If game will have a guard room, it could be used to attract archer-like creature, that will be especially good at spotting enemies and attacking them from range. I'd go for this one, unless this is already suggested by someone else.
this one is in the list the suggestions is really old (dont want to say it is bad or something but its from june 24th2012 ;) )
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