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New decade, new experiences!


WFTO Backer
Jan 6, 2013
I am really looking forward to a WFTO 2 with larger, possibly 3D maps and a more advanced physics system and more intricate environments.

I know the devs haven't announced their next project or the WFTO successor yet, but I am hoping for some exciting news coming soon.

What do you guys or the devs hope/wish to see from Brightrock Games in the 2020's


Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
What do you guys or the devs hope/wish to see from Brightrock Games in the 2020's
Several successful game launches and to become a 2 project studio? ;)

Always interested in hearing what people would like to see in a sequel. I do expect we'll be sharing some genuine news on Project: Aftercare this year. 2019 has been an incredibly productive and exciting year for us with a lot of new developments and an opportunity for us to really refine our skills and processes as devs.

Sadly I can't really talk about any of it yet, though I'm super keen to start sharing details! Aftercare is a different beast to WFTO and we're not likely to bring it to Kickstarter so the reason for it being so quiet is largely it's undergoing a much more, behind closed doors, the development until it's ready.

Although Aftercare is not a WFTO sequel there's a lot of fundamental framework going into it that would help make a sequel much more technically stable than what we saw with WFTO, allowing us to develop in a much more sustainable and modern way that would pay dividends towards a WFTO type game.

I also want to see bigger maps
For example, this would be much more possible in the current framework. It's much more efficient than how we were building games before. In fact one of the things we're working on right now is Pathfinding which is actually one of the scalability issues with WFTO, already we're at a stage where it should be much more efficient.

Anyway I spend a lot of time thinking about WFTO while I work on "P:AC". I'm fairly new to design but I'm learning quick and there's a lot of things I'd like to explore in WFTO's setting :) Really interested to hear what the community ideas are. I hope more people share!

Also just wanted to say thanks to our fans who are still following us and especially those who still check these forums! :)
Sep 18, 2018
Hi there, long time no see, sadly most of the stuff is going on at the steam workshops so I'm always happy to read something new here in the forums. :)

I don't know anything about the new project (as the rest of the fans), but about a WFTO2 I am thinking of:
  1. Not much to add to WFTO1 - the game brings back memories and beloved features of the "original" dungeon games series from the 90s but adds modern gameplay and ui elements together with new features that make the game much, much deeper.
  2. I don't think it would have bigger maps, at least not much bigger. I think it would concentrate more on the fight system to prevent games in which you build your army with many different monsters and high levels, just to find yourself and the opponent throwing them all in one place. A problem that the original games had and which also WFTO wasn't able to solve. I don't have a solution, but it might helps decimating the maximum unit count overall and making unique units with unique features for battle that also use smart pathfinding (whatever that is) and maybe give the player more control over what they do in battle. Hard to say really - especially in tight dungeon tunnels. Maybe it's a problem this type of game just has.
  3. Advanced defenses, that can be combined by their attack and defense features, the terrain and custom triggers the player can setup to give the defense a more complex twist.
  4. Graphically I like the current style, which is not clichee at all. A more darker, slightly more realistical style I would like, but that's always a matter of taste and of course overall game look & feel.
  5. Keep up the great support for level editing / modding tools. That keeps the game fresh for a much longer time and players can realize their dreams but keep also some restrains so that the core gameplay stays and modders can't "break" the game by defining rules for their maps which a normal player wouldn't be able to understand.
Maybe there's something in there that is useful for your new project. I also respect your choice of not doing a WFTO2 instantly since WFTO1 is already polished and designed so well. I wish you the very best and keep waiting here excited for the news. :)
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