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New door: Porticulis.

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Jun 27, 2012
Name: Porticulis.


Durability: High.

Information: The porticulis is an iron fence usually put behind a drawbridge in a castle, or used in prisons.
This one serves as both a door and a bit of a trap, although it simply restricts acces like any other door.

Special abilities/properties: Unless locked, the porticulis is wide open and cannot be seen by enemies. It closes automaticly after an enemy, or multible enemies walking next to each other have passed by. Which means they get seperated from friends behind them, and would need to destroy the porticulis before being able to join with the rest of the force. It would be particulary effective against scouts.

Appearance: A simple dark steel porticulis that drops down from the ceiling when locked or when enemies have passed by. A hanging chain is visible for the owner to be able to select the door to lock it or remove it, and be able to see its position.
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