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New Hero: Adventurer.

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Jun 27, 2012
Name Adventurer.

Preface This hero is pretty much inspired by the arche type of a hero in the usual stories, the kind the player usually is in medieval fantasy games.
Considering how the good guys are called heroes, it makes sense to have one who very much is just that and looks the part. He is a powerfull hero of course, providing a good challenge in the endgame even.

Appearance image:

Stats: High.

Health: High
Armor: Low
Movement Speed: Above average.
Attack strength: Strong.
Attack speed: Fast.
Intelligence: average.
Construction: average.
Training Rate: Slow.
Training Cost: High.
Wage: High.
Gender: Male.

Skills: (more suggested than should be added, could be tweaked according to taste/balance.
Level 1: Melee.
level 2: Hit with Torch. (does fire damage.)
Level 3: Arrow.
Level 4: Protection. (spell that reduces damage taken for a short period of time.)
Level 5: Lightning.
Level 6: stealth.
Level 7: Whirlwind attack. (attacks enemies all around him with an acrobatic move.)
Level 8: Pin down. (shoots an arrow that pins an enemy in place for a few seconds.)
Level 10: Ice storm. (rains down shards of ice on his enemies.)

Passive abilities: Loots everything that fallen enemies drops, loots enemy treasuries, immune to fear.

Weaknesses/Resistances: Small resistance to all forms of damage, no particular strenght or weakness.

Information: This is a high tier hero unit, one of the strongest. Mostly he operates on his own and strikes where you least suspect it. He does not work well with others and pretty much acts on his own initiative all the time. When other heroes attack the player from one side, this fellow can often be found attacking from another side on his own. Having a wide range of attacks and no true strenghts or weaknesses, his versatility allows him to do this.
He pretty much represents what a hero such as Link, the Dovahkiin, Neverar, the hero from Fable, Hawke, etc would be like when entering a dungeon.

Appearance: A lightly armored, reasonably muscled young man with bare arms,a strong jaw and short brown hair. He carries a bow and quiver on his back, and walks around with his sword in one hand and a torch in the other. At his belt hangs a scabbard for his sword for when he uses his bow, and there are several pouches and a rope on his belt as well.
He looks very much like a hero.

Behavior in Dungeon: Trains, goes exploring quite often, does not interact well with anyone and is very much a loner. Loots anything he finds laying on the ground.

Battle Style: A strong offensive character with a wide range of attacks, both from range and in melee.

Jobs: training and scouting on his own, he can research a bit but not too well and is decent enough in a workshop.

Loves: Gold, Victory, fighting in a combat pit, exploring unrevealed territory, receiving special treatment over others.

Hates: Being ignored, not getting paid, getting picked up, worshipping.

Anger reaction: Turns hostile and attacks everyone.

Lair: He has no lair and does not rest, while hard to kill he will be killed for good and won't be knocked out.

Obtainable By: Hero, can be converted. Difficult to conver though.

Attracted by: Can be attracted by sacrificing three heroes, an archer a warrior and a mage. (would be more specific creatures but I wouldnt know what will be in the game.)

How Introduced: Is introduced early on as a lone hero who comes to raid your dungeon in search of riches and glory.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] Heroic chant can be heard as he leaps out of the portal, from the stairs or where ever he comes from and raises his arms in a rather arrogant pose.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Gets beaten with clubs.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] An adventurer has entered your dungeon in search for wealth and glory. They are powerfull, but often isolate themselves from their allies. Keep a close eye on their movement, they will do their best to invade your dungeon and steal your wealth.
Jan 22, 2012
I am mad

Delete this thread and rethink it. Skills are just bunch of things thought out in 5 seconds

Also already suggested similar suggestions. Search function says hi. If not have fun time looking throught X pages of suggestion forums in the future.


Lead Audio Designer
Jun 6, 2012
North Nottinghamshire, UK
Sounds like you're thinking of an "Aragorn" archetype.

The problem is, this kind of Hero tends to turn into a jack-of-all-trades unit, with no real area of expertise. And this tends to render these units redundant as other characters do whatever the Adventurer is currently doing, but better. If he was a weaker fighter, it could work as a scout unit, but plenty of those have been suggested already. If you could find a good niche for the Adventurer, it could work.
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