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New Hero: Knight Templar.

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Jun 27, 2012
Name Knight Templar/Blood Knight.

Preface If an evil presence like in this game would exist, it might make sense that a crusade may be called against it, or at least knightly orders associated with the church come to erradicate this unholy presence.
Hospitaller knights or Teutonic Knights would also be an option of course, but considering that many minions may already wear black and the more intimidating helmets of teutonic knights, I felt a Templar would be the best choice, he'd stand out the most in the dark dungeons.
On conversion, he becomes a fictional blood knight since they wouldnt be templars anymore when converting to evil. Changes are very small though.

Appearance image:

Stats: High.

Health: above average.
Armor: high.
Movement Speed: Slightly below average.
Attack strength: Above average.
Attack speed: Average.
Intelligence: Above average, decent researcher but not great.
Construction: Low. (gets angry when assigned to do this.)
Training Rate: Slightly below average.
Training Cost: High.
Wage: High.
Gender: Male.

level 1 melee,
level 2 shield block (uses shield to block all damage for 2 seconds, aside from attacks from behind him.),
level 4 Divine thrust. (his swords starts glowing a holy light as he thrusts it forward to impale his enemy with light damage, pulling the sword out after a second.
level 6 heal,
level 10 divine blessing. (raises all his status for a short period of time, long cooldown time. As a Blood Knight, this is replaced with an unholy blessing which does the same thing but instead of being activated with a bright light, its activated with a red glow.)

Weaknesses/Resistances: Immune to light, reasonable resistance against blunt and slashing, weak against lightning due to armor. When becomeing a Blood Knight, the immunity to light is reduced to an average resistance to light.

Information: The knight templar is a good front line warrior, and the converted version the blood knight could make for an interesting way to obtain a minion that could be one of the games secrets.
Since abilities and appearance are not drasticly changed on conversion, it would require little work to add this, pretty much offering two characters for the effort of one.
His divine faith also makes it impossible for him to become any kind of undead such as a skeleton or ghost.
A blood knight can become undead through the normal means though, since he is fallen from his faith.
If there is part of the gameplay above ground due to the games title, he'd be on horseback when outside.

Appearance: The templar knight wears chainmail armor, black or brown boots or shoes, wears a white surcoat with a red cross centered on his chest, A dark leather belt around his waist with a scabbard attached to it, wears a great helm over his head and carries a tall white shield with a red cross and a longsword with a golden handle. He is of an average height.
As a Blood Knight, his surcoat and shield become red and carry a horned skull symbol instead of a cross.
Pretty much a simple reskin of the templar knight that still shows the change.

Behavior in Dungeon: Switches between training, research in the library and worshipping at the temple.
He likes hanging out with monks and fellow templars, and watching battles at a combat pit.

Battle Style: Blocker. A highly defensive unit which can provide some healing. He stays close to his allies and does not allow himself to be lured away from them to attack enemies.

Jobs: Training and research.

Loves: Worshipping, fellow templars/blood knights, Monks,

Hates: Hates vermin such as bugs, spiders and other lowly creatures and attacks them when sharing a lair with them. He also hates working at a workshop since it is beneath his noble standing to be a common labourer.

Anger reaction: When angry, he can incite a rebellion with other angry creatures if there are several other angry creatures around him, or he may regain his faith and reverse to being a templar knight, hostile to the player once more.

Lair: A finely crafted wooden bed with good quality linens to cover it. Could be the same bed as a regular knight or other heroes of nobility.

Obtainable By: Hero unit who is very difficult to convert, and can no longer be a templar when converted to evil. Instead, he becomes A blood knight.

Attracted by: cannot be attracted, can only be gained through conversion. If the player can play as the heroes or the AI can controll a full hero dungeon, then the templar would require both a 3x3 temple and a 3x3 library to be present.

How Introduced: Could be introduced along with monks on a crusade against evil.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] With holy light as a templar, with a red glow as a blood knight if they would be enabled some way to use an entrance.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Tortured with fire magic.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] Beware, the Knights Templar have started a crusade against you. These religious knights are not to be underestimated, they are sworn to resist evil, and fight it everywhere.

(when a templar is converted to a blood knight:) You have managed to convince a Templar to forsake his vows, he has now taken a bloodvow to serve you instead now that he is damned, and has no place amongst the forces of good anymore.
Jan 22, 2012
Utility skill :

Fervor : Generates additional blood in temple ! [passive]

for example.

Looking good but is quite generic :/

also Drop weaknesses to dark/light leave small resistance to light/dark and give him some lightning weakness imo (steel armor ? ). Imo as long as he is palladin and ordinary knight/templar he should not recieve a lot of resistances imo
Jun 6, 2012
The resistances are too high. Not only is he completely immune to Light damage, but he's got high resistances to Dark, Blunt and Slashing too? That only leaves Fire and Poison that are likely to cause him any harm. Plus, with naturally high armour value and the heal skill, he just seems far too overpowered from a defensive viewpoint. I'd also prefer to see the unit have at least one damaging attack apart from normal melee (note: their level 1 melee attack doesn't need to be so dull and generic - it needs to be a spammable move with no cooldown, but it can be given some flavour). I know he's primarily there to serve as a blocker/tank, but it seems slightly imbalanced that he's nigh-ineffective at dealing any sort of damage, but can absorb all the damage in the Underworld.

And FTR, none of WftO will be set above ground. In an earlier iteration of the game it was planned, but it was decided too hard to reconcile the Underworld & Overworld gameplay, since they'd be too vastly different. So horses might be out of the question.
Jan 22, 2012
And ice :p

Well he don't need to have another offensive abbility imo as long as his supportive/defensive ones are clearly different from those that other creatures have.

I mean that when a lot of creatures have heal not all of them should be the same.

Oh and also devs didn't want a quick burst spammable heals*, for example cultist gives more of a regeneration than a heal.

*If memory serves right :p
Jun 27, 2012
fair points, resistance to dark can be dropped but an immunity to light spells seems solid to me. Its likely pretty much only heroes who cast those. Regarding attacks I'm probably still thinking too much about the original Dungeon keeper. I've updated it a bit.
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